20+ People Who Don’t Need a Lot of Money to Dress Cool

3 years ago

The people featured in our article enjoy transforming old, outdated clothing into cool, modern outfits. They know how to turn a boring men’s shirt into a fashionable top or sundress. And a shapeless suit that looks way too big can be easily transformed into a stylish item. These skilled artists even know how to make a pretty dress out of an ordinary bedsheet.

Bright Side will show you some examples of how people manage to give new life to old clothes. And at the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus feature: pictures of clothes that were transformed by our readers!

“I found this velvet dress in a thrift shop near my house. It’s impossible to recognize now.”

“I like taking ordinary clothes and creating something new and trendy with them.”

“This is how I transformed this horrible suit from a thrift shop.”

“I transformed this shirt into a top 8 month ago, and it was my first sewing project. Of course, I was a beginner back then but I still am very fond of the result!”

“I found this old T-shirt in my parents’ basement. I used some magic and now I can wear it somewhere other than to sleep.”

“I transformed my husband’s old shirt into a dress.”

“I bought this curtain dress for $3.50 and transformed it into this.”

A knit sweater is a good base for a cool top.

“I bought this skirt in a thrift shop for $1. Now I have a 2-piece set I can mix and match with other clothes.”

“I just slightly transformed a dress from a thrift shop.”

“I cropped my hoodie and made a fitted top from the rest of the fabric.”

“I made this dress out of an old bedsheet.”

“I turned these linen pants into a jumpsuit.”

“I bought this dress for $4 and transformed it.”

“I turned this skirt into a 2-piece set.”

“I turned another piece of clothing I didn’t like into something fabulous. I want to transform my whole wardrobe and nothing is going to stop me.”

“I ever-so-slightly transformed my grandma’s dress.”

“I spent $6 on this flannel shirt and then transformed it.”

“I paid $2 for this shirt. I upgraded it and now I can’t wait for the summer to come so I can wear it all the time.”

“I had no idea what I was doing but the final result turned out to be pretty nice.”

“I made this dress from a men’s shirt I bought for $1.50.”

From a dress to a jumpsuit

Bonus: photos from our readers

“It used to be a mid-length oversized coat with lantern sleeves and a bunch of straps.”

“I transformed an ordinary blue dress into one from a fairy tale. This is a good opportunity to give our clothes a second chance instead of throwing them away.”

“This dress was enormous and designed for pregnant women. It looked like a shapeless hoodie with wide sleeves.”

We enjoy it so much when you send us your photos! So if you also like creating new clothes but you haven’t had the chance to show them to us, now is just the right time.

Preview photo credit smallgallon / Reddit


There's some very creative and talented people recreating their outfits from these used items and it's fantastic!
Wow these girls are really talented! I wish I had half their skills
Nice! I got a few ideas now to transform my old clothes into something cool :)

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