11 People Who Dreamed of Having a Big Teddy Bear at Home, So They Got a Newfoundland Dog

2 years ago

Even though some dog breeds look scary, they have a kind and peaceful nature and Newfoundland dogs are one of them. They are absolutely not aggressive toward people, they have a tendency to make their own decisions, they are smart and reasonable. The interesting fact is that these dogs can literally come out of water and still be dry because their fur can’t get wet. Also, thanks to their webbed paws, Newfoundland dogs are excellent swimmers.

At Bright Side, we would like you to have a look at these funny and cute photos of Newfoundland dogs. And you’ll probably want to take one of these big teddy bears home.

1. This Newfoundland puppy weighs a little more than 55 pounds.

2. This child is secure.

3. This puppy is imagining how gorgeous it will be when it grows up.

4. “We adopted this Newfoundland today. His name is Moose. He’s already knocked over a table.”

5. “Our Newfoundland Aurora”

6. “14 weeks, 50 lbs, my best buddy! Meet Ollie the Newfoundland!”

7. “This is a Newfoundland dog, not a bear.”

8. “I just shaved my Newfoundland. Look at his new hairstyle. What a dude!”

9. “Here’s my boyfriend’s Newfoundland on his way to the beach.”

10. “Newfoundland in Newfoundland, Canada”

11. “Ludo no longer fits in the windowsill.”

Do you like Newfoundland dogs? Would you have one at home? Or maybe you already have one? Share your photos of your wonderful pets in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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I can tell from the look of this dog, that it's the kindest creature on this planet. But you probably need a huge house for this friend ?


Ohh, this dog is so big, it's like one more child to the family! :D


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