20 People Who Enhanced Their Beauty With the Power of Makeup

3 years ago

Makeup has been in our lives for at least 7,000 years. It doesn’t matter if it’s for correcting imperfections, amplifying some beauty feature, or even as a form of self-expression, there’s no denying that painting your face can be considered a form of art.

Bright Side found a group of people who used their faces as the perfect canvas for their talent.

1. “From a cute boy to a foxy lady.”

2. “Way to go on accentuating your natural features!”

3. “Makeup I did for an interview today”

4. “My before and after everyday makeup look”

5. “I’m living for this 80’s inspired makeup I did.”

6. “Did my mum’s makeup!”

7. How to cover dark circles like a pro:

8. Great color correction skills without looking too “cakey”

9. “Before and after full glam makeup. I’m such a catfish.”

10. “This makeup is a lesson in how to cover up imperfections without looking like you’re covering something up.”

11. “30 weeks pregnant and hadn’t done my makeup in a while. Feeling motivated today.”

12. A sunny way to highlight the eyes

13. Going with a soft glam vibe.

14. “My 38-year-old self before and after getting ready for a party. This is why I love makeup!”

15. “Makeup skills are on point. It’s so simple, yet so wow!”

16. “You look so glowy and radiant!”

17. “You remind me of Amanda Seyfried. Gorgeous!”

18. “There’s something about a good red lipstick. You rock this one!”

19. “Before and after makeup for my beautiful mom”

20. “Before, he looked like Prince Adam. After, he look like Belle. Living both sides of a Disney dream!”

What makeup product can you not live without?

Preview photo credit vangoghs_girl / reddit


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I hate makeup no matter how good it is because it hides the actuall you and makes you fake


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