20+ People Who Got a Pedigree Cat and Never Miss the Chance to Take a Photo of It

3 years ago

Perhaps many of us know someone who has a pedigree cat with a pile of certificates and a name that is hard to pronounce. Currently, you can meet a Scottish fold, a Sphynx enveloped in warm clothes, a lazy British shorthair, or a fluffy Persian cat in people’s homes. Some cats behave like a soft couch cushion, while others have a remarkably mean temper.

At Bright Side, we began to dream about getting a pedigree beauty. We wouldn’t mind a gigantic but charming Maine coon hanging around. By the way, according to the bonus feature of this article, if you brush out one of these big guys, the fur that sheds is enough to make up a whole new cat.

This is a blue Canadian Sphynx.

— Is he okay? © MaxMyT31 / Pikabu

— Absolutely! © tokio3000 / Pikabu

“Grandpaw had a long night.”

This cat has become famous on Instagram. Pisco the Cat is a British golden chinchilla.

“Meet our Scottish fold, Simba. He has insane eyes and sits really weird.”

The Bengal rascal

One small bed can hold 3 Oriental cats.

“Have you ever seen a tanned Sphynx? This one was brought to the vet clinic for an examination.”

“Our cat knows how to strike a pose.”

“I was told that British shorthair cats aren’t lap cats. I guess mine is defective.”

“Initially, my husband was against a cat with ’a condescending face.’ But I’m allergic to cat fur. Oriental cats’ fur is very short, and they don’t have undercoats.”

“My beautiful Turkish Angora cat, Marylin”

“It’s time to show off my princess of unbelievable fluffiness. Please meet our Persian Sherry of 10 years.”

“My cat is a Burmese pedigree, and she’s the cuddliest cat I’ve ever met.”

“Even a pedigree cat has a soft spot for empty boxes.”

“The walls in our bedroom looked pretty sad before. We bought her the cheapest scratching mat, so now our beauty sleeps on it, ignoring her house and our bed.”

The Thai cat demonstrating its skill at catching flies

“My Bengal cat, Banana, as a kitten and now”

When a Maine coon underestimates its “modest” size:

An alien caught a cat.

“My cat, Kaylee, wearing a ’cat hat’ I made from yarn I spun with her fur”

“This is what will happen if you cross a Sphynx cat with an ordinary house cat. Recently, I got the answer to this question.”

“Our Main coon is 2.5 years old and weighs 21 pounds. Our she-cat is 1.5 years old and weighs 6 pounds. They eat the same food (in case you say that I don’t feed her).”

“Our caring Sphynx, Lala, and a new street cat that we adopted”

Bonus: “When cat hair was being found almost everywhere, we decided to wash and brush him.”

“If you think that neutered Maine coons don’t breed, I can argue that.” © delfinel / Pikabu

Do you have a pet at home? Is it a royal pedigree or a street cat? Share their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit AnnaLazyFox / pikabu


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My daughter loves sphinx cats, I adore the majestic Maine Coons 😍.... the eyes on that Scottish Fold reminds me of Antonio Banderas' Puss-In-Boots from the Shrek movies and ofcourse in it's own animation.... how adorable are they all?? 🐱🐈❤


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