18 People Who Got Some Bad News From the Universe

4 months ago

Have you ever noticed that there people who literally attract good luck and those who always get in trouble? Psychologist Richard Weseman thinks that good luck consists of 4 principles: an ability to trust your intuition, optimism, an ability to see things from different angles, and your inner balance. We’re guessing that the heroes of our article unfortunately don’t have any of these good luck indicators.

Bright Side has collected photos that will make you want to say, “Don’t worry buddy, everything’s going to be OK.”

The weirdest tan line ever

People complained about the noise in the wall. There was a huge beehive inside.

When you buy a new food container and forget to tell your dog that it’s yours:

“They promised this costume would make me look stylish for the party.”

“My father asked me to sort the pennies he’s been collecting for 40 years...”

“My bill after getting bitten by a snake.”

“Woke up to an empty pool this morning.”

“This happened 10 minutes before the home inspector was scheduled to arrive.”

“I missed a part of $667 million lottery by one digit.”

“This big sinkhole in my yard that just came out of nowhere.”

Something strange has happened to my tire.

We’d cry too.

This good boy decided to upgrade this camper.

“My brother ordered a mask for Comic-Con.”

When you buy an expensive cat house, but the cat doesn’t like it:

This wall collapsed at a building that houses salt...

When you want to enjoy the magnificent view:

The most insidious plan ever:

Have you ever faced a situation where your luck has completely run out?


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