20 People Who Prefer to Do Things in Their Own Style

3 years ago

Using a cutting board as a mouse pad or an old TV as a stand for a new one, photocopying an iPad instead of taking screenshots, and wearing whatever you feel like wearing — some people just do things their way, feel confident about it, and flat-out rock it!

Here at Bright Side, we truly admire people who think outside the box and don’t follow mainstream trends, and today, we feel like sharing some of them with you.

1. “My great-aunt uses her old television as a stand for her new one.”

2. The person that invented this deserves an award.

3. “My grandma’s technique for cooking with hot oil”

4. “My mom photocopies recipes off of her iPad.”

5. “My husband is against the flow...or common sense.”

6. “Well, he’s not wrong.”

7. “My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to ’get stuff for dinner.’ This is what she came home with.”

8. “My friend had a medieval-themed wedding and her grandpa showed up like this.”

9. “A pencil broke during a road trip, so I sarcastically asked if anyone had a pencil sharpener, to which my mom replied she ’might’ have one....”

10. “This car that I parked next to”

11. Jokes aside, pizza box hat is actually brilliant!

12. Seems that the one who screwed up was the person who painted the lines in the wrong direction...

13. A nice lady who rode a bike to the dollar store with 6 cockatiels on her shoulders and 1 on her head

14. “Thanks for the onesie, Mom!”

15. “I like my bread long.”

16. “This door in North London makes me hideously uncomfortable.”

17. “I asked for new pillows for my couch so my stepmom made me one of my dog.”

18. “My mom has the coolest mouse mat.”

19. The alphabetical order is still an order, right?

20. “My son has his own rules of playing hide and seek.”

Do you have your own style? We’d be happy to see your pictures or comments in the section below!

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haha i can see my granny do this, actually wait no i cant because i dont think she knows how to use a printer!


number 1 is such a good idea, totally gonna steal this! i sitll have an old tv laying around somewhere on the attic!


haha 9 is hilarious! just shows that women's purse is in fact a black hole


10 needs to be like "spoiler alert" ???.....I'll show myself out


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