20 People Who Prove Each of Us Can Find a Path to Happiness

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Happiness is a skill that comes from living with purpose and that makes us successful! Though, the path to it might be long and rather thorny, it’s worth learning how to enjoy each day of your life. After all, happiness is contagious and spreads to the other people around us, making everyone a bit more joyful.

1. “We adopted an old cat from a shelter. He and my daughter fell in love. She just got back from a week at camp.”

2. “My wedding dress didn’t arrive in time, so I wore my mom’s 1960s wedding dress and it was perfect.”

3. “Me and my wife were never able to have kids. We just got the opportunity to adopt! Meet Joshua.”

4. “My friend made a life-size Snorlax pillow for my husband.”

5. “This priest shelters stray dogs and brings them to the church so they can be adopted.”

6. “A neighbor I’ve never even spoken to saw that I was home alone all day on Thanksgiving and brought me this.”

7. “My boyfriend of 8 years flew out to surprise me with a proposal in my favorite place.”

8. “A guy helps his little brother play the Switch.”

9. “He mows yards for single moms, veterans, and anyone else that can no longer do it themselves.”

10. “My dad made a map, hid magic treasures around our property, and took my children on a treasure hunt.”

11. “My brother, with Down Syndrome, holding his newborn great niece on Christmas”

12. “It’s my son’s first kidding season. I think he is going to be a great goat farmer.”

13. “My parents looking at the stars one last time the night before they moved out of our childhood home.”

14. “Ever since my niece saw Toy Story, she shouts ‘I’m leaving!’ and then peeks in her room like this.”

15. “Born 3 days apart, met just last week, already the best of friends”

16. “Today, I will have accomplished what I set out for almost 13 years ago. I will officially be a Doctor of Medicine!”

17. “37 years old and built this van. I guess adulthood hasn’t kicked in yet.”

18. “This NYC cab driver giving up his AC to keep customers cool in the heat”

19. “Benzene’s owner going the extra mile...”

20. “I got a flat tire in an unfamiliar area, these men stopped, offered to help, and wouldn’t accept money when I offered!”

Has someone ever done anything truly nice for you? How do you try to make the people around you happy? Let’s discuss this in the comment section!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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The lady with her mom's wedding dress looks too beautiful!


#3 is just proof enough that nothing is impossible and if things get hard just find a solution! That couple look so happy!


O M G I need that life-size Snorlax pillow right now! Look at that guy's face! Just happy ?????


Something similar to #6 happened to me. There are still kind and good people in this world!


It going to be a memorial thing for lady who does that cause she will never forget that very day and your wedding day but I think ladies should buy this idea.....it wonderful


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