20 People Who Struggled to Make Better Versions of Themselves and Won

4 years ago

The people in this article all had different problems with the same goal: change something and become a better version of themselves. Some of them wanted to gain weight or stop an addiction, while others just wanted to change their image. And even though it took a lot of time and effort to make such changes, all of them went through a huge transformation.

We at Bright Side were so impressed by the transformations we saw. Just look at how much a person can change if they really want to.

1. “My journey of making myself better. It took 1 year but every moment was worth it. From a measly 110 lb to 165 lb.”

2. “A poor attempt at refreshing day-4 curls. But proud of how far I’ve come! No more bleach and straighteners!”

3. “Me before and after my battle with drug and alcohol addiction”

4. “Losing a brain tumor, having a smaller appetite and a new metabolism, no more battered and fried foods, and power walking and chasing toddlers 9 hours a day for work keeps me active! Joined a gym to work on the loose skin and getting strong!”

5. “Donated my hair. I feel like a different person!”

6. “My new teeth”

7. “I think I made the right choice.”

8. “Finally, my skin is healthy!”

9. “From an ugly duckling to a regular duck! Having a jawline is worth not eating cake for a while...”

10. “One year of growth! Never knew I had curls until this year.”

11. “18 months of a properly treated mental illness and recovery from drug addiction”

12. “Beat bulimia and got my teeth fixed just in time for Christmas!”

13. “Guys, I did a thing!!!”

14. “I call this, ’return of the jawline!’ ”

15. “A makeover in my 30s including hair, glasses, and clothes.”

16. “May I introduce my boyfriend before and after a shave — at least I think that’s still my boyfriend!”

17. “Left is at 13 (there’s a bun attached to that mop, promise) and right is 2 days after my 23rd birthday. Self-care goes a long way.”

18. “Before and after: 1 year off drugs”

19. “What my face looks like after I’ve lost weight”

20. “Becoming my own superhero in my recovery from anorexia”

Bonus: Regretting your beard trimming decision...

Have you got your own story of turning your life around 180 degrees?

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I enjoy watching such transformations, because they charge me with motivation :)
Love this post
I can't even relate to the guy from the bonus, I can't grow beard...

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