20+ People Who Took Comfort to a Whole New Level

4 years ago

The Danish philosophy of hygge life, that is about creating a cozy home for a comfortable life, has become very popular. To hygge their homes, people around the world have started to buy different objects, from fluffy socks to vegan pies. And we can’t say that they were wrong. Sometimes, it’s enough to just add a small detail to make your house feel cozy.

We at Bright Side went through thousands of interior photos from different parts of the world and made sure one more time — comfort isn’t just about thoughtful design ideas. And if you’re still in doubt, just have a look at the photos in our compilation.

“We made a tiny fairy door for the grandkids to peek into when they visit us.”

The kids had nothing to do, so they covered the window with this sticky tape. It looks like real stained glass.

A cozy bedroom for our fluffy son:

“We bought a house with a closet under the stairs, and I just had to turn it into Harry Potter’s closet.”

If this can’t motivate you to read a book, what can?

“I think that my room is a very cozy place.”

“I made this lamp for a bookshelf myself. I used all the objects I found in the forest.”

A night projector can create the cosmos in your bedroom:

Lamps with motion sensors open up just like flowers:

“I couldn’t come up with a use for this little closet. But in the end, we found a solution.”

This is a very stylish bathroom (but it’s probably better to not try to shower here):

A house with a cozy loft (and stairs that aren’t very safe):

A bedroom with a hanging bed for a little princess:

There’s a tiny, cozy kitchen on a kitchen shelf:

We’d love to live in this Lego house:

“I created moving decor for this room with the help of optical effects.”

Unusual but cozy bedroom:

Sometimes, the view from the window also creates the perfect mood:

“Since moving into my first apartment, it’s been my mission to turn my space into a sanctuary.”

A LED lamp shaped like a cloud:

If you want to make this lamp yourself, check out the instructions here.

This place looks like a dollhouse:

“My variation of a shelf for bath-lovers:”

Even industrial places can be cozy:

The panoramic windows are beautiful (the main thing is to not see anyone on the other side of them in the middle of the night):

“My girlfriend’s mom crocheted us a pizza blanket when we decided to move in together.”

“My brother built his dog a separate room in his house. He even hung her photos on the walls!”

What tricks do you use to make your house cozy?

Preview photo credit Chlopie / Imgur


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The plants on the top of bedroom give me anxiety. I am afraid will fall on my head while I am sleep ?


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