20+ People Whose Day Went Completely Downhill

4 years ago

There are days when nothing works. You might drop a collection of 4,000 Lego pieces, break a key at the worst possible moment, or even drop your phone while flying airplanes. After something like this happens, the only thing you can do is tell other people about it and get support from them.

We at Bright Side wish that everyone had fewer bad surprises in their lives, especially the kinds that the people from our compilation were not at all prepared for. And at the end of the article, there’s an uplifting bonus that proves sometimes, unpleasant situations don’t go as badly as we expect them to.

1. “My dog locked himself in the car with the keys. I had to call a specialist to unlock the car which cost me $60.”

2. “I dropped a 4,000-piece Lego set down my stairs.”

3. “I think the God of locks is really angry with me.”

4. “Dropped the lid of my pan. I think the pattern of the broken glass is pretty interesting.”

5. First day on the job

6. Even a regular soda can could ruin your day.

7. Don’t use plastic spoons!

8. “I guess I don’t really need my car today.”

9. “Someone broke into my car to steal a $10 bag, a swimsuit, and a towel.”

10. “My friend doesn’t have a screen on our flight to China despite the fact that everyone else has one.”

11. “I just wanted to add some salt.”

12. “Amazon thought it was a good idea to ship a glass bottle in a soft envelope.”

13. “I think I’ll be finding Lego pieces for the next 8 years.”

14. “Went to buy numbers for my house. My house number is 1881...”

15. “A pricey chew toy”

16. “I paid for extra olives.”

17. “I busted my nutcracker while trying to bust a nut.”

18. So, a ceramic bowl wasn’t the best choice for boiling pasta...

19. “My cat got the zoomies and didn’t see the glass door...”

20. How does this even happen?

21. “I ordered this suit online and got one 2 sizes bigger than the one in the left picture. I look like a child playing dress-up in my dad’s suit.”

22. “I bought an air purifier and decided to take a look at what was inside.”

23. “Attempted my first iPad screen repair. Apparently, I lifted more than the touch screen.”

24. 30 years ago, a camper began hearing strange noises in the middle of the night. She stuck her camera outside the tent and snapped this photo.

Bonus: When your life decided to have some fun but at the very last moment, changed its mind

Which of the people from this compilation do you think was the unluckiest? Tell us in the comment section below!

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I would freak out so much if I found such a huge spider so close to me ?


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