20+ People Whose Kindness Can Save the World

4 years ago

To make someone’s life better, you don’t need to be a superhero. You can give a cap and gloves to keep someone warm. You can help calm a crying child. Or you can take care of a total stranger. All these acts of kindness are real, and this article will prove it.

We hope that this article from Bright Side will inspire you to do more good deeds in your life.

This postman leaves treats for dogs.

“A friend of mine works for Cal Fire and is working at the Camp Fire. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to help serve them breakfast.”

“I put a heating pad out for the neighborhood cats. I think they like it.”

This mom is lucky to have such a kind child.

“My dad saved this little dude after it had gotten caught up in a spider web.”

“My sister got married this weekend and I made this for her small wedding reception.”

This kind woman helped a mom calm her crying boy on a flight. He slept in her arms the entire flight and she walked him to baggage claim when they landed.

“My sister’s work has a board with free meals that other customers have already paid for, so someone who can’t afford a meal can eat.”

“My mother-in-law sewed this beautiful stocking for me for Christmas! I feel that all this love and hard work needs to be shared!”

One stranger helping another stranger struggling with his tie

The local Denny’s had a stray cat that hung out a lot, so they made a house and bed for it!

Someone left this hat for someone to use.

“My cat can’t reach her favorite toy, so my husband lifts her up once a day to get a few swats in.”

“It started to rain and someone put a plastic bag over my seat.”

This mailman used a box to keep a customer’s mail dry.

A man saved a cat stuck in a dock.

Another amazing example of kitty rescue

“I proposed to my girlfriend yesterday and a stranger came past, congratulated us and offered to take a picture with their drone. Thank you for making this day even more perfect for us!”

“This is my wife’s teddy bear. She’s had it since she was born. She packed it in my luggage so I won’t be lonely without her. I’m traveling for work and this will be the longest we’ve been apart since we started dating.”

“I led a garbage clean up at my college yesterday!”

Have you ever witnessed good deeds that you’d like to share with the world? Tell us in the comments below.

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I love stories like this! Makes me realize the world is full of good people?


The story about a 5-year-old boy and gloves is really touching


Such wonderful stories..
Want to add another how a group of school teachers saved a bird...

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