20 People Whose Living Spaces Will Make You Feel Warm and Cozy

3 years ago

Making your home cozy doesn’t happen on its own: it requires time and effort. While some people enjoy decorating their living rooms or balconies to enjoy the view, others prefer to hide away in their bedrooms and make a pillow fort or set up a small teepee. Comfy couches and armchairs, green plants and fairy lights, artsy rugs and table lamps, all of these things might help you to create a safe space in your own style.

We at Bright Side found 20 people who used their creativity to make their living spaces so warm and cozy, that, if they were yours, you’d probably never want to leave them.

1. “Moved here 4 years ago. It’s a converted Victorian church in England.”

2. “I turned my formal dining room into my own mini-library.”

3. “This is the sunset at my home overlooking the Puget Sound.”

4. “It looks like a teen girl’s bedroom but it’s my safe place and I love it.”

5. “I think my bedroom is pretty cozy!”

6. “My 34th year just started right here... ”

7. “My kindergartener asked for a “pink forest bedroom to camp in.”

8. “Made a pillow fort to make myself feel better. I kind of live in there now.”

9. “Time for some jungle vibes”

10. “Our 1968 MCM living room that we purchased recently”

11. “My parents have a room in their house with a waterfall running beneath it.”

12. “My friend’s living room in Brooklyn, NY — the apartment is built inside of an old church”

13. “Clearly I have a fairy light obsession.”

14. “I made a coffee table around a tree, and it’s the perfect place to read!”

15. “My station for the past 2 months”

16. “Good evening with fairy lights”

17. “A perfect date night setup in my cozy little corner”

18. “Warm summer nights made more cozy by the fire”

19. “The coziest balcony”

20. “My little hideaway”

What does your cozy place look like? Or are you planning to redecorate it in a new way? Share your photos with us!

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Picture 2 is the reason I look forward to having my own place, finally I can dedicate spaces to what I want instead of having a "dining room" when I eat behind my tv/pc anyway


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