20+ People Whose Ship of Expectations Crashed Into the Rocks of Reality

3 years ago

Sometimes, life gives you lemons — both figuratively and literally. If you waited a whole year for the harvest and got a teeny-tiny fruit, a T-shirt with your favorite actress’s face badly stretched across it, or an insta-famous attraction that looked nothing like you had expected — don’t worry! You’re most definitely not alone.

Here at Bright Side, we think laughter is the greatest remedy to any problem, especially when it comes to disappointment. So scroll down for a good spoonful of people whose expectations didn’t quite match reality.

1. “’Take pics of your cat,’ they said. ’It’s gonna be so cute,’ they said...”

2. “My wife ordered a backpack from Amazon to use as a carry-on — cat for scale.”

3. Visiting tourist attractions in Japan, Instagram vs reality.

4. He forgot to put water in his cup of noodles.

5. “I feel like there are better ways to protect oneself from the rain.”

6. When life gives you lemons, but small ones:

7. Best offer: 27%!

8. Be careful when buying Halloween costumes online.

9. “We were really excited to use a lime from our lime tree for the first time.”

10. Ripped jeans: expectation vs reality — literally being held together by a thread.

11. When you wanted a strong message on your clothes, but only found this at the store:

12. I’m 49 and just found this in my mom’s bookcase.

13. “Aaaand there go my new $300 headphones...”

14. “My daughter is getting older. Expectation: she can make her own lunch. Reality: she microwaved some syrup for her waffles — for 5 minutes!”

15. “I lost one piece of this 2,000-piece puzzle.”

16. “The dress fits well though! So at least they got the size right.”

17. “I bought this Night King mask on eBay.”

18. “Extra large” dog pool

19. It seems like sometimes a manicurist needs to be chosen even more carefully than a doctor.

20. “My mother bought a swing set from Amazon. She said this one cost $17 and the other one was $22.”

21. “I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine.”

22. I ordered guitar picks from China. “Sample Text” is now my new band name.

Have you ever had an expectation vs reality situation? Share your pics and comments in the section below, we’d love to hear from you!


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I'm pretty sure that this huge queue to tourists attraction is due to some people taking taking too long to take a good pic for their insta :D


every time I travel I see such people, and then this situation is not funny anymore :/


I actually have put NO WATER in my cup of noodles before, as an accident. But that doesn’t happen. First, the microwave makes small noises, and then there’s smoke coming out of it. The smoke is toxic and I don’t know its name, but you better not try not putting water on purpose. It may cause death if you’re inhaling too much smoke.


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