20 People Who’ve Realized We Can’t Trust Anything, Even Our Own Eyes

3 years ago

Sometimes ordinary things pretend to be something completely different. You only need to look at a situation from a different angle and turn on your imagination to make a glass of water levitate in the air or turn a dog into a bear.

Bright Side has decided to search through the Internet to find photos you have to look at twice to realize your brain is playing tricks on you.

We bet this ball isn’t a soccer fan.

They ought to be really tall with long legs like those!

This bridge looks like a springboard from a racing video game.

“My reflection in the window perfectly fits in the chair.”

The left-hand side is a mirror and the right-hand side is clear glass. There’s another girl standing on the other side.

“Thought this was a desktop background but it’s just a reflection of our couch.”

Stratosphere kayaking or just crystal clear waters?

You have to look at this photo at least twice to understand what’s going on.

“My cat sitting on the back of my chair makes it look like she’s wearing a leather jacket.”

What a long tail!

— “If I hadn’t zoomed in, I’d still be thinking this was a giant spider!”


— “I don’t want to zoom in because I feel like it’s still a spider.”

This magnificent window view that looks like a painting

The cat from Shrek has some real competition.

Stephen King’s new book character

This game is so realistic.

Is it an octo-dog or a dog-opus?

When a good boy turns into a wild animal:

— “This picture looks like 3 different pictures combined.”


— “They also look like they belong to different decades.”

No, the city isn’t on fire. It’s sunrise with fog.

The water spilled in a way that makes the glass look like it’s levitating.

How often do you notice unusual features in ordinary things?


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I love the one with the cat laying under the chair(?), fits perfectly!


God that one with the 2 girls sharing a face is just creepy... I hope this was done on purpose, would be freaky if this other girl just stood there watching the other one take a picture


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