20 Pets Whose Fluff and Puff Levels Are Off the Charts

2 years ago

Every pet has its own unique qualities. You’ll find that some species are more playful while others are calmer and prefer just napping with you all day long. And, of course, you can also have the fluffy and round kind that nobody can help but hug and give lots of love to when seeing them. This is why owners can’t stop admiring their fluffies that help them to change their mood, at least for a few moments even on their darkest days.

Bright Side selected several photos of pets and fluffy animals that gave internet users a lot of joy.

1. “Winston is an absolute unit, LOL.”

2. “Always an invitation, never a trap.”

3. “Guinea pig or sweet potato?”

4. “This sweet girl who was ‘helping’ me rake leaves. Porcupines are surprisingly fluffy. 😄”

5. “Round meeting”

6. “Boba woke up from his nap to give me a little wave 🥺”

7. “Say hi to Gertrudis”

8. “My working theory is that Kai has no bones, only chonk and floof.”

9. “Thought one of my baby buns might fit in here, she’s so chubby.”

10. “I just moved in with this seductress.”

11. “She is so round.”

12. “My Staticky, Hairy Boy — Mocha”

13. “Those back feet”

14. “This is Goku. He’s chonky😇”

15. It looks like a pouf, but it’s actually a sleeping cat.

16. That container already has an owner.

17. “Summer is here!!!!”

18. “Extra plump American Robin bathing in my backyard pond.”

19. “She knows she’s cute.”

20. “I just wanted to share my round loafs.”

What feelings do fluffy, chubby animals arise in you? Have you already had a pet with a round, cuddly look? We’d love to see a picture.

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