20+ Pets Whose Owners Made a Big Mistake by Leaving Them Alone

4 years ago

If all pets were quiet and calm, their owners would have a peaceful, but at the same time, boring life. And no matter how we scold those little sweethearts for their bad behavior and spoiled furniture, we still love them for always keeping us on our toes.

We at Bright Side believe that pets are an endless source of unexpected and funny situations. Our compilation is going to show you cats and dogs whose owners literally caught them red-handed.

1. “My dog couldn’t quite figure out how to play cribbage.”

2. “Apparently this is more comfortable than the bed I bought him.”

3. “My rapscallion of a cat tried hacking into my phone and ended up taking a selfie. You literally can’t trust ANYBODY these days!”

4. “I identified my cat by the holes on the box of noodles.”

5. “I thought that my cat had disappeared from our sunroom. Then I opened a can of food and this happened...”

6. What kind of bird is this?

7. “Caught my cat watching GIFs on Twitter. Maybe she even has her own secret blog.”

8. “It happened! I caught my cat licking my dog.”

9. The manufacturer who starts producing palettes with paw prints is going to earn a fortune.

10. “Our cat likes the stroller. We haven’t walked with our baby in it one single time, but we’ve already caught our cat in it 3 times.”

11. “My cat has decided that the Keurig is his new perch and we can no haz coffee.”

12. Just look at the facial expression of this poor dog!

13. “Thanks to my dog for ruining my leather couch”

14. “My cat met me at the door to lead me to use more strict methods of upbringing.”

15. “I swear it wasn’t me!”

16. “The first time I ever left my dog home alone outside of his crate, I came home to this. 4 years later, I’m still baffled.”

17. “I went downstairs for 2 minutes and came back to this.”

18. “Came home to her just chilling on top of our dinner table.”

19. “I came back home and found this. He was exhausted from so much work.”

20. “My dog stole the head of a dish brush.”

21. He’s got to be extremely uncomfortable.

22. “My dog thinks he’s stuck and keeps growling at me.”

What surprises has your pet brought to you after being left alone?

Preview photo credit livera / pikabu


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