20 Photos of Adult Pets That Have Only Become More Charming Over the Years

3 years ago

When we adopt a cat or dog, we realize that very soon, they’ll grow up to be adults. But time flies by and they’re suddenly not that cute little baby that used to fit in your hand. Fortunately, we have before and after photos to help us see how much they’ve changed.

We at Bright Side adore impressive comparisons and love sharing them with you even more.

“Here’s my cat 2 years later.”

“I found my cat’s old photos on my PC and decided to share this comparison.”

“I knew I’d want to compare these photos!”

Just 1 year apart

“He still looks like a toy 1 year later but a bit angrier...”

Years pass but favorite toys don’t change!

“Wiggles and me 13+ years later!”

“8 weeks vs 5.5 years later and she’s still my little munchkin.”

“Our first Christmas together vs our fourteenth Christmas together!”

“An impressive difference!”

“Same door, same dog”

It’s hard to believe that they grow this much!

3 years apart

“A year later and 12 pounds heavier — it’s still Dobby’s favorite toy.”

Thanks to the litter box, you can see how much this cat has grown up.

“From a little fluffy boy to a curious cat!”

“My boyfriend insisted that getting a dog was a bad idea. On the left is day 1, and on the right is the nonsense he lets her get away with now, 2 years later.”

“And now he can’t fit on that shelf.”

Hand for scale

Who could’ve thought that it’d grow into such a big cat?

We’re sure that you have similar collages with your pets, and we really want to see them!

Preview photo credit milkandolive / Twitter


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