20 Photos Proving That the Royal Family Members Are Just Like Us

3 years ago

The British Royal family must follow lots of rules, among which we can find some strange ones like always wearing nylons when in a skirt or a dress. However, when it comes to everyday life, it turns out that royals have much more in common with ordinary people.

Bright Side gathered the most astounding photos proving that royals really are closer to us than we're used to thinking.

20. They hang out on social media.

19. They can stand up for themselves.

18. They love recieving flowers.

17. They like eating homemade foods.

16. They don't avoid hard work.

15. They allow their children to have little caprices.

14. They care about the environment.

13. Their children are so cute.

12. They run marathons.

11. They stay graceful in the most unusual situations.

10. They care about ordinary people.

9. They don't mind trying new things.

8. Sometimes they are serious.

7. And sometimes they have fun.

6. They can watch Star Wars again and again.

5. They go to the grocery store on the weekends.

4. They are not afraid of getting dirty.

3. They like playing video games and winning.

2. They are always ready to take a selfie.

1. They're a real family!

Would you like to be a member of a royal family? Share your opinions in the comments!


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