20 Photos Proving You Don’t Need a Lot of Money to Have Cool Furniture at Home

4 years ago

In 2019, the online furniture sales were as high as $200 billion. Everyone who has done renovations in their houses and apartments knows how much money even the most basic things can cost. The people from today’s compilation gave their old furniture a new life: they cleaned and polished and painted and decorated. And even the oldest tables and cabinets started to look fresh and new after a little bit of work.

Bright Side was inspired by Reddit and Twitter users who proved that even the most ordinary cabinet can become the heart of the home when a talented person does the right thing. And our bonus will make you happy if you think that a kitchen renovation is always expensive.

“I rescued this side table that my neighbor left on the curb. A can of spray paint and new hardware and it feels like a brand new piece!”

“Upcycled my old sloping roof cupboards last weekend.”

A new life for an old cabinet!

“$10 at the thrift shop for this Broyhill student desk and chair for my kid. A little paint and new knobs, both of which I had on hand, and wow!”

“Bought the table and chairs on the left for £40. Amazing what some sanding and paint can do!”

“$20 dresser. All it needed was some paint and new knobs.”

“I upcycled an old particle board table into a chest of drawers — so happy with how it turned out!”

“Kids’ kitchen I made out of an entertainment unit I found on the street”

“Someone put an old telephone chair in the trash... So I had fun with it!”

“No one in the family wanted this cabinet, so it was going to be donated. I couldn’t let that happen (it was my grandparents’ wedding present) but it didn’t fit in with my house very well. Some $2 contact paper on the doors changed that.”

“Picked up a free desk and a $2-chair and repainted using thrifted paint to create my dream broke student desk! Really happy with the results.”

“Just finished my first upcycling project! Removed the doors and changed the knobs”

“2 vintage chair backs I turned into wall hangings for my sisters”

Old college cube shelves made into a fancy adult dresser!

“Found this chair for $3 at a thrift store, peeled off the orange vinyl. Added some paint, new fabric, cushions, and casters.”

“Upcycled some Ikea drawers to fit in with my bedroom decor.”

Just a little paint, a piece of wallpaper, and a few new knobs...

“Bought a TV stand for $25. I’m not a fan of used stuff, but I just moved out from my parents and I needed some furniture for my tiny apartment.”

It looks like a useless headrest from an old bed. But someone bought it and turned it into a bench.

Upcycled table and chairs

Bonus: Sometimes, all you have to do is change the wall color and add a few shelves to change how your kitchen looks.

Have you or someone you know ever upcycled old furniture? Share your photos in the comment section below!

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I think I usually confuse “restore” with “upcycle.” I love older pieces, but personally would just stain and change hardware. I love the look of wood. I usually get outvoted though! Husband power washed the deck- it looked fantastic, but “to sell” it must be painted because boards were broken and needed to be replaced. And the oak kitchen cabinets are now white, but with nice pulls. I’m still getting used to them.

I really like unique hardware and some pieces look great with paint depending on color, but everyone can do what they want. Give me the polished antique piece over the trendy painted piece any day though! Hopefully the heirloom mindset will come back. I don’t need stained wooden walls, floors, built ins, etc to be happy, but beams and original wood floors are lovely. Haha, tanget.. sorry. Some of these projects look creative, others I’m curious what stain might have done.


So, it seems that painting something white just makes it look new and modern


I LOVE seeing how thing can turn into something so beautiful! Definitely taking a few ideas from these


The old particle board table transform into a chest of drawers is just too cool! Love the colors!


Something I go to plea markets and buy things that no one wants to make them into something gorgeous.


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