20+ Photos That Are Better Than Opening a Fresh Jar of Nutella

3 years ago

If you need a quick way to find your zen but you don’t have the time to grab a mat and give yoga a try, there are other methods out there. Looking at relaxing pictures is also considered to be a form of mindfulness meditation. So simply gazing at visually satisfying images like some rainbow-colored plates or a bunch of perfectly sliced pieces of bread can be as soothing as a hug.

Bright Side wants to fill you with delight, so we made a new collection of photos that are truly a feast for the eyes.

1. “Countertop storage we built to see our Fiestaware rainbow”

2. Perfect black and white ice cream swirls

3. “I inherited my grandmother’s sewing chest which was built by my grandfather. This is the top drawer.”

4. “The way I built my headboard to meet the shiplap lines”

5. “A koi pond mousse cake for Father’s Day” ‎

6. “The puddles that formed on my trampoline this morning”

7. “Stairs in my client’s home”

8. Even if you don’t eat bread, you can still appreciate these perfectly cut slices.

9. “After 20 years of working at the same place, I vowed to finish a pen, then finish the box.”

10. A sea glass rainbow

11. “The lineup of the bridal party from our wedding this past summer”

12. “This is my new betta fish. I haven’t settled on a name yet but I’m leaning toward naming him Tide Pod.”

13. “A girl came into work today with a particularly colorful chameleon.”

14. Huge lightning striking in Manila Bay

15. Perfect cable management

16. “I finally noticed that the floor in the Hawaiian BBQ place is the ocean washing up onto the beach.”

17. Intricate apple art

18. “My dustpan brush is a violin.”

19. “My iced coffee came out of the freezer with this cool crystal ring around the top.”

20. A mini forest created in a resin diorama

21. “I’m so happy with how the layers in my matcha cake turned out — I just had to share it with you guys!”

22. Lucky avocado to seed ratio

23. The alignment of these trees and their shadows

24. “This is a melting wood effect I’m working on. Still needs some sandpaper love but very pleased with my first attempt.”

Have you ever taken these kinds of soul-satisfying pictures? We’re curious to see your amazing captures, so please share them down below!

Preview photo credit petrichoro / instagram


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