20+ Photos That Can Relieve Your Stress Without Pills

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Animals can warm our hearts quicker and better than hot chocolate. They can be shaggy or sleek, with a tail or without it, with paws or with wings. It doesn’t matter because all of them are charming and funny and we love them for that.

At Bright Side, we’d like to charge you with some positive energy by sharing these warm and touching photos of our dear and adorable pets.

22. A handful of kitten

21. This creature with this sweet backside is a flamingo chick.

20. “My baby Huxley is going into surgery right now, the vet techs sent me this.”

19. “Excuse me, would you be so kind as to boop the snoot?”

18. This is Soba. Soba is very special and kind.

17. “My mom found a baby owl on our porch behind the firewood.”

16. “I met a baby kangaroo today.”

15. “I lost my dachshund for a sec... I just found her.”

14. “This is my oldest and most favorite mouse, Merry.”

13. “Who ordered the 10 piece McPupper? Please, sign here.”

12. “He’s always so happy when I come home.”

11. Meet Artemis. She thinks you’re cute!

10. This is Pyro, he loves sitting like this in people’s arms and falling asleep.

9. “Calling his name makes him forget he has a neck.”

8. When you’re totally adorable and shy at the same time:

7. “I’m pet sitting a big pupper with a shamrock on her snoot. Isn’t she just the most kissable thing?”

6. This Golden Retriever earns money by giving kisses.

5. “Look, mom, it’s me!”

4. It seems this sink is clogged.

3. A good boy guarding the sunset

2. “I let my significant other get kissed by another woman. Her name is Meryl.”

1. This adopted kitten was purring the entire ride home.

We couldn’t choose which of these cute animals we liked the most. What about you, maybe you have much cuter pics of your pets? If so, please share them in the comments below!

Preview photo credit smolprincess928 / Reddit


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