20 Photos That Can Turn Any Bad Day Into a Good Day Like a Switch

3 years ago

A woman who lost 6 babies and finally gave birth to her lucky number 7 and an elderly couple who never miss an opportunity to do cool things together — life scenarios like these can make us believe that our world is like a warm blanket that will never let our hearts freeze.

We at Bright Side couldn’t resist the temptation to tell the world about moments that can easily kick-start the joy machine in everyone’s life.

1. “My dog is teaching my kitten how weekends work.”

2. “The reason the water wasn’t coming out”

3. Volunteers take care of infants and toddlers from poor regions. This is just a moment during their routine.

4. “Every night, my pet pig greets me at the door and demands to be snuggled.”

5. “I told my friend I was having a bad day and he sent me this.”

6. “We have 4 kittens and he only lets this one sit on him.”

7. “This gentleman at Target reversed his hooded sweatshirt to make a puppy pocket.”

8. “My friend found a baby raccoon in their garage. They’re now in contact with the local wildlife rehabilitation center.”

9. “Found an owl on our walk.”

10. “Lunch dates are hard to come by, but my son is making it work!”

11. “My boyfriend was a little skeptical when I told him I was going to adopt 2 cats.”

12. “My daughter left her beloved stuffed giraffe in an Airbnb. The hosts sent it back and took some pictures with it.”

13. This is Robert Irwin with his friend.

14. You’re never too old to have fun together!

15. “My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and can’t always remember names, but now he has a favorite shirt.”

16. A 76-year-old retired Air Force colonel and his 4-year-old granddaughter

17. Gibbs the rat is a real artist. His canvases are even being sold on Etsy.

18. Violet and her new little friend

19. “Double-tap the corgi butt!”

20. “After losing 6 babies, I got my lucky #7.”

What’s something that made you feel uplifted recently that you’d like to share with the whole world?

Preview photo credit DontWorryImMedicated / Imgur


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Owls are so cute and funny. Those big eyes make me days happier every time!


If I were that lady(in #20) I’d be so happy and feel so blessed! Poor woman, losing 6 children.


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