20+ Photos That Prove Our Pets Will Be With Us Through the Good Days and the Bad Ones

4 years ago

When it seems that everything we do is pointless and we feel really lonely, our pets are always ready to help us. With just one look from those eyes that are full of love and admiration, they are able to make all of our troubles go away and make us smile. Our pets are ready to do anything for us, just to spend more time together.

This Bright Side compilation is about our most loyal, kind, and understanding friends. We are totally sure that pets make our world a much better place.

When you’re in time-out, but your best bud won’t let you do time alone:

“Lasagna? Who said lasagna?”

“This is how he lets me know he cares.”

“My dog brought me her favorite toy when she heard me crying in the bath after a very stressful day at work.”

“Larry, a lamb who is 2 weeks old, woke me up this morning in my therapy center, I’m recovering from a stroke. What could be better therapy?”

“Getting ready to walk down the aisle...”

When someone is expecting you at home:

“My kitty when I get migraines”

“My husband and our puppy are completely in love with each other.”

“This is how my cat greets me.”

The bond was instant.

“My cat is in love with my boyfriend.”

“Coming home to these 2 every day has turned my life around for the better!”

“I have 3 kids and he only does this with my oldest son.”

“I grew up a lonely child, but when I am with you, there is no doubt, because I feel complete.”

“My friend knitted hats (with ears) for her and her cat and they’re everything.”

“Had a bummer of a Valentine’s Day. This good boy brought me his bone and put it in my lap. Beats flowers!”

“She likes to hear my heartbeat, so this is how we have to snuggle every day.”

When you get a pet, you can forget about your private space. Even when you are in the bathroom.

“Never thought I’d have to share my boyfriend with my cat, but she’s been in love since day one.”

“Maddie saw I was packing for a business trip and wanted to come along.”

How close are you with your pets? Add your warm family photos to the comment section below, let’s make the world a better place together!

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These photos warmed my heart. What a nice reminder that animals also have feelings


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