20+ Photos That Prove True Love Breaks Any Boundaries and Stereotypes

3 years ago

A man who was racist until he saw his lovely biracial granddaughter, an elderly woman who met her true love at the dusk of her life. These are just a few examples of how love enters our lives without a warning and there are no laws or limits that could prevent this from happening.

We at Bright Side experienced a real stir of emotions while looking at the examples of this feeling in all its dimensions. And we’d love for you to be uplifted together with us.

1. “My dad, a racist, told me he didn’t want my daughter when I was pregnant. Here he is on her 3rd birthday.”

2. “Grandma lived through 3 husbands. At 85, she was just waiting to die. Then she met Sam.”

3. “It’s not easy to make my daughter smile. I finally agreed to let her give me a makeover and look at her.”

4. “My 4-year-old has just started chemo, so we got matching haircuts! I think he is rocking it!”

5. “Pearl, my Asperger’s service dog, sniffing my baby for the first time.”

6. “My dog was always by my side, so when he was ill, I fed him every flavor of ice cubes, which he loved.”

7. “My husband, leaving for a weekend, explaining to our dog that she’s a good girl and why she can’t go with him.”

8. “I got my wife’s scarf silhouette tattooed as a way to honor and remember her.”

9. “4 years ago, one of my best friends passed away very suddenly. I’ve written letters to her every year since on this day.”

10. “My niece before and after I gave her a big hug”

11. “I was surprised by the silence in the room and returned to see this picture of my kids.”

12. “My friend’s son, who is 19 and has Down syndrome, got to visit Santa yesterday. This was the first thing he did.”

13. “This is how my daughter and our dog look at one another. Pure love.”

14. “My father has brain tumors and I was told he wouldn’t make my graduation. But he made it to this moment.”

15. “This is me the day my mother’s boyfriend became my dad.”

16. “They normally fight all the time. But look what I saw today.”

17. “After a very hard day, my wife still finds time to tickle our son and give him some giggles.”

18. “I saw this model of support and care today at Disney World.”

19. “I spotted this cute elderly couple today.”

20. “I finally got married to the love of my life. It wasn’t easy but I’m so happy.”

21. “Despite all the troubles our family has gone through, we’ll start a new year with a new baby.”

Who is the person in your life that you feel the strongest love for? Tag them in the comments.

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