20+ Photos That Show Difference Better Than a Thousand Words

3 months ago

Many things can be learned only by comparison. And photos generously provide us with this opportunity. Thanks to them, we can see a kitten that previously could fit the palm of your hand, grow into a gorgeous cat, and a schoolboy with the first mustache become a mature man. And it’s hard to stop looking at these photos.

«On the left: 5 months pregnant. On the right: 5 months postpartum»

«7 weeks to 7 months for Tofu»

«Fresh vs 6 months healed tattoo I made»

«Old vs new chocolate chips»

«My old and new license photos look like a character at the beginning of the movie vs the end.»

«My progress in needle felting for 4 years»

These cars look so similar, yet so different.

«This is what I looked like when I was a teenager,
and this is what I look like now.»

  • Someone’s kicking themselves now, for sure!

«Valentine’s Day rose: expectations vs reality. This bouquet feels more like a threat or a warning than a sweet gesture. There goes $110 down the drain.»

«The difference in upkeep on both sides of these semi-detached houses.»

«My friend and I have a 1-foot height difference. It’s just ridiculous.»

«Both of these started off white. The dye I used bonds only to polyester. Same dye, batch.»

«What a difference a year makes»

«My students asked me if I was pregnant and I knew I had to make a change.»

«Got a new external SSD after 7 years, both of these are 500 gigabytes.»

«My mother and I at the same age, taken exactly 30 years apart. There’s really only one major difference.»

«We raised 7 hens from chicks and they finally started laying. The different breeds produce different colored eggshells.»

«These photos are 5 year apart. I really thought my moustache was cool and didn’t want to shave it. LOL.»

«The size difference between my 1970 Honda and a regular pickup truck»

«30 weeks in first pregnancy vs. 30 in fit pregnancy»

«Me looking like 4 different people on 4 valid ID cards of mine»

«On the left, a cake made by a mega professional cook for a competition, and on the right, a cake made by a simple homemaker. I’m proud of this woman!»

«Mojo turns 20 later this year. This is us in 2005 after we rescued him, and 2024.»

And if you didn’t get enough contrast photos, here’s another article about epic comparisons. Enjoy!


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