17 Striking Comparisons That Show What Huge Difference Really Is

6 months ago

The scope of many things can only be understood in comparison. But if you put before and after photos next to each other, it’s so much easier to see the difference. And our article proves that the world is much cooler and more diverse than we tend to think.

“This is how fitness transformed my body. I’m proud of myself!”

“Tomato on the left grown on my grandmother’s farm vs one bought at the grocery store.”

“My girlfriend before and after her first day as a teacher.”

“Excessive rain resulted in huge blueberries.”

For the scope

1993Ivan / Pikabu

“Comparison of this Granny Smith my grandma grew and this store bought apple.”

Dogs bathed by women vs. Dogs bathed by men

Tortich / Pikabu

“T-rex metatarsal size comparison vs forearm of a 6’6’’ human.”

The metatarsal is a foot bone (note by Bright Side).

“The difference in color between our local farm’s eggs vs the grocery store.”

“I just hiked over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine. This is my face before and after the hike.”

“My uncle’s nickel from the 60s that he would bounce on a concrete floor during one of his first jobs to pass time.”

“10-year-old cabin air filter vs new one”

“The difference in eggs size between a seasoned layer and a new layer’s first eggs (left)”

“What my first paint layer looks like vs the final layer”

The footprint of a brown bear vs the hand of an adult human and a dog’s paw

maks8791 / Pikabu

And here you can see the real size of things only by comparison.

Preview photo credit chickn_nugget7 / Reddit


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