20 Photos That Touched Us More Than Any Soul-Stirring Movie

3 years ago

“Crying activates the body in a healthy way,” says Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at UCLA and director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics. It is especially useful to cry if you are overwhelmed with emotions because this reduces your stress dramatically. This is why we recommend not only watching good movies, but also looking at emotional photos that we often publish on our website.

Bright Side has prepared a new series of photos with really moving stories behind them.

1. “Every day my parents play Mario Kart 64 to see who makes a cup of tea. They’ve done this religiously since 2001.”

2. Meeting for the first time

3. “I’m finally a dad. Look at those cheeks!”

4. This man offers any passerby the opportunity to explore space with him.

5. This man jumped into a moving car and saved a seizure victim.

6. 2 parents listening to the heart transplanted from their 23-year-old son

7. “My retired in-laws love Christmas, and love decorating their home. 2 weeks ago, a vandal came around and slashed all their lawn inflatables. After they filed the police report, the officer went and purchased new decorations for them out of his own pocket.”

8. In Istanbul, people build small shelters for stray cats.

9. Elderly couple on the mistletoe cam

10. Winning isn’t everything.

11. “My girlfriend’s brother is autistic and carries his pillow everywhere with him. We went on holiday over Christmas, and him standing on the rocks at the beach made me think of this Caspar David Friedrich painting.”

12. They are beautiful and satisfied with their lives no matter what.

13. This man saved this almost frozen bird from a pole.

14. “I put my paintings up on display in a coffee shop for the first time in my life. I was so intimidated by the whole process but today I sold my first painting and I can’t tell you how happy I am. Afterward, I broke down in the coffee shop bathroom. I’m truly very happy today.”

15. “3 days after my youngest son was born... I went to the bathroom, he got fussy, and my oldest picked him up. Baby just sat there and stared.”

16. 3 years ago Shoushi Bakarian was sitting in Lebanon, part of a family of 4 Syrian refugees facing an uncertain future with the hope of making a new start in Canada.
Fast-forward 36 months: Ms. Bakarian is in her third year of college for a degree in aerospace engineering at Montreal’s Concordia University.

17. When you can’t believe you see 2 mothers: one next to you and the other one on your phone screen.

18. This dog was adopted the next day after this video was published online.

19. “My uncle with down syndrome dancing with my grandma with Alzheimer’s”

20. “In 2015, I lost my wife to cancer. We spent our honeymoon in a cabin off the Oregon coast. Before she passed she said she just wanted to see the ocean with me again. We never made it. I got the same cabin on our anniversary and spread her ashes in the ocean behind it. This was our cozy place.”

Tell us, after looking at these photos, do you feel like there is someone near you cutting onions?

Preview photo credit designsnprints / imgur


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