20 Pics That Could Take Any Perfectionist Straight to Heaven

3 years ago

We all have an inner perfectionist who celebrates looking at captivating photos and videos of objects that are as close to perfect as possible. And today, we’ll push that ability and rejoice over flawless details throughout this list of images that will satisfy everyone — even those who are particularly hard to please.

Bright Side wants you to enjoy the small things that make life worth living, which is why we made a compilation of amazing pictures just for you.

1. “My 7-layer jello”

2. “This burger bun that I made”

3. “My boyfriend goes a little overboard with vacuuming...”

4. “Tomatoes we grew”

5. “Perfectly round rocks I found on the beach — plus bonus egg, Dorito, and watermelon rocks!”

6. “A night of perfect contrasts”

7. “A colorful lego gradient”

8. “This 5 I wrote just now”

9. “The watermelon I opened up this morning”

10. A beautiful pie

11. The perfect way to cut ice

12. “This happened when I went to spread margarine on my toast.”

13. “Tried to organize my patio cactus/succulent garden.”

14. The mesmerizing process of cleaning carpet

15. “Loading like this takes skill, vision, and teamwork in the moving world.”

16. Amazing (and perfect) embroidery

17. The perfect color degradation circle made with gummy bears

18. “My boyfriend’s new shirt matches his tattoo perfectly.”

19. “Smoothly painting a straight line on a hockey rink”

20. The amazing fur on this chinchilla

Are you known as the perfectionist in your group of friends or do you feel more comfortable leaving room for mistakes? Have you ever come across something as perfect as what you saw in this article?


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