20 Pics That Prove Animals and Humans Are Inseparable, Like Two Sides of the Same Coin

3 years ago

Warm hugs, nap cuddles, and unconditional devotion that’s evident just by an exchange of glances are some examples of animal loyalty. The unconditional love they have for their humans is so remarkable that it’s safe to say they are our true soul mates. And lucky for us, they’re capable of showing us their fondness in the most endearing ways.

Bright Side found some people and animals that are like two sides of the same coin, and their photos are just the right amount of soul fulfillment we need today.

1. “My cat finally claimed me as his. My heart is overflowing with joy.”

2. “How am I supposed to work under these conditions?”

3. “My sister and her horse definitely love each other!”

4. “I couldn’t tell who was happier to see who. Dad is back home!”

5. “About a year ago, my niece rescued an injured baby pigeon. They are inseparable.”

6. “Six adult dogs and two puppies greeted me at the gas station. Best day ever.”

7. “Jewel and I drink coffee together every morning, she has her private glass and drinks milk foam.”

8. “My grandad and his kitten watching rugby.”

9. “I’m having a date with my dog this Valentine’s.”

10. “Grandma asked me to take a picture of her and her cat, couldn’t have asked for a better result.”

11. “Today marks 16 years together with my best friend.”

12. “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.”

13. “Today I got hugged by a baby sloth. My life is pretty much complete now.”

14. “The first selfie my grandpa took with his new phone.”

15. “I think he fell in love with my mom.”

16. “Had a health issue and Jack Jack never left my side.”

17. “This guy built a custom sidecar for his chocolate Lab.”

18. “We adopted a senior saint named Mikey yesterday and I think it’s safe to say his first trip to Grandma’s went well.”

19. “And so the bond begins.”

20. “I’ve fallen, and I’m too lazy to get up...”

What’s the name of your inseparable furry friend?

Preview photo credit MaoMixOG / reddit


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My FurGirly Onyx giving my Bump some love. Now Trinity has arrived she adores her in person. Wkd FurSista.

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Salem my 18 yr old cat was my Soulmate, and l'm still lost without her. She claimed me at the shelter at 5 weeks old and had me wrapped round her paw forever after.


These are Fantastic!!! Reminds me of Salem my 18 yr old cat, she was my Soulmate, from the shelter at 5 weeks of age until she had to go she had me wrapped around her paw and she knew it.
l Still Miss Her, as a part of me is missing.....


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