20+ Pics That Prove the Clock Ticks but Some Things Never Change

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We all probably have had a feeling of déjà vu at least once in our lives. It’s when you see or experience something and have this sensation that you’ve seen or done this thing before. Scientists claim that people who travel often or frequently watch films are more prone to this sensation than those who don’t. Our heroes might have experienced the same feeling, as they witnessed how things repeat in time or even outlive the flow of history.

Here at Bright Side, we love how life sometimes gives us all some tricky puzzles to solve. We’ve found 21 people who saw the whimsical game of time and shared their photos with us.

1. “Even though I got cat hair all over my clothes I still love him more than anything.”

2. “Viking and my beard the day I got him. 2 years difference. I just love the growth of beard and pup together.”

3. “Mom and me at the same age”

4. “My mom and I. Same age, different century.”

5. “Met my best friend when we were in diapers, started dating in 2011, years later still 2 goofs in love.”

6. “My son and I at the same age”

7. “He still holds his toys the same.”

8. “A year later and he is still doing the same thing. He is just fatter now.”

9. “27 years later, Dad still has the same van.”

10. “Me and my niece have a 6-year age difference but I’m still holding her the same way. I should not be allowed to hold her anymore!”

11. “Found mold on the box. Almost 10 years later and after 2 kids — still fits!”

12. “18 years later, still my favorite pet.”

13. “All these years and she’s still in her favorite place.”

14. “7 years since I showed her how, she still makes me the best pancakes ever!”

15. “Almost 18 years old and still sleeping with the toy frog she’s had for 14 years.”

16. “11 years later. Burger King and my only friends are weird.”

17. “Made this probably 14 years ago for my Mom. Still useful today.”

18. “My 23-year-old laptop runs great and still holds about 3 hours of charge with its original battery.”

19. “My mom still hits on my dad after being married for 36 years.”

20. “Gave it to my mom over 10 years ago and it still works fine.”

21. “Brothers from the first day of pre-k to the last day of middle school”

What is one photo from your family album that proves things never change? We’d love to take a look at it in the comment section.

Preview photo credit lucymouse22 / Imgur


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