20 Pics That Proved the Power of Accidental Art to Us

2 years ago

Cracks on a phone screen formed in the picture of a hummingbird, a bunched-up sweater that looks like a villain staring at its owner from the closet, or a perfectly shaped face that is formed in an onion — these are just a few examples of art that appeared out of the blue. But luckily, there were people who saw it and decided to share what they discovered.

Here at Bright Side, we totally loved how these 20 pieces of accidental art turned out. Some of them made us smile, some made us wonder, and a couple of them were a bit creepy. We’d love for you to take a look at them together with us.

1. “Dropped my phone and the crack it made kind of looks like a hummingbird.”

2. “My bunched-up sweater is staring at me.”

3. “This guy at the park looks like NO.”

4. “I reversed my car into a rock and the damage looks like a hand-painted mountain range.”

5. “The moth in my girlfriend’s car looks like a barn owl.”

6. “The spilled yolk from my fried egg looks like a chick.”

7. “My cacti look like a caveman about to club a rabbit.”

8. “Was coloring eggs with my niece when she accidentally made a dragon egg.”

9. “I took a picture of oil on soapy water and it looked like planets.”

10. “I accidentally cosplayed as Little Britain.”

11. “My blue lightbulb is getting old, so it’s cracking and losing color. Looks like a planet.”

12. “My new friend”

13. “I overcooked an egg and it looks like a person is trying to climb out of it.”

14. “This rebar showing through the worn concrete”

15. “Let the dog out!”

16. “This smiling fried egg”

17. “Queen Victoria has a new dress.”

18. “This girl walking next to me at graduation made it look like I had a mane.”

19. “My butter after seeing my face first thing in the morning”

20. “I don’t trust this onion’s intentions.”

Which of the photos above made you rub your eyes and say, “Oh, no way!”? What’s some of the art that you’ve seen in your everyday life but couldn’t capture on camera?

Preview photo credit spectacular_carrot / Reddit


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