20 Pics That Will Let You See the World From a Whole New Angle

2 years ago

“The struggle is real” is probably something everyone can agree on. Some of us find ourselves too tall to fit in our own shower, while others have had the misfortune of their shoe falling apart before an important event. When it’s not going to be our day, all we can do is soldier on — and maybe laugh a little bit.

Bright Side appreciates it when people can find a funny side to their struggles and aren’t afraid to show them to people, and we’ve picked 20 of the best for you to see.

1. Tall people’s problems are real and not talked about enough.

2. “Well, there’s a water snake living in my toilet somehow.”

3. “Guess I’ll order out tonight.”

4. “The drive-up ATM decided to crash right when I put my debit card in, preventing me from retrieving it. I was pretty late to work.”

5. “Ordered my kid a 6-piece nugget meal, and this is what he got in his nugget box.”

6. “Phone slipped out of my pocket while go-karting and became wedged under the kart. This is what I found at the end of the lap.”

7. “No caramel for my ice cream, I guess.”

8. “A 5-year-old opened the Perler beads upside down.”

9. “Ran over a shuriken today on my way home from the store. Those darn ninjas!”

10. “My girlfriend and I had very different experiences when we met Anna Kendrick. Of course, we were all joking.”

11. “The TSA just held us up and we missed our flight by 2 minutes to serve as medical professionals abroad. Here are my parents having a very bad day.”

12. “Someone was kind enough to help rearrange the books in my little library last night.”

13. “Picked my car up from the mechanic yesterday after having a bunch of things replaced just to have it burst into flames on me this morning.”

14. “Friend bought a new $500 speaker today and tripped on the stairs 4 stories up while carrying it above his head.”

15. “Just sold my old pc. After sending it across the country, I realized my wireless mouse’s USB was still plugged in it.”

16. “I found out someone cut through the convertible top of my unlocked car, then it rained inside.”

17. “My shoe decided to fall apart before my wedding.”

18. “For sale!! 2001 Honda Civic, great condition (I hope)”

19. “A friend of mine hid my AirPods in a box of chicken nuggets that I proceeded to microwave without opening the box.”

20. “Right after finishing our fence, someone plowed through it going 80 mph.”

What is something you’ve struggled with recently, and did you find a funny side to it?

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