20 Pics That Will Show You How Ordinary Things Chose to Become Extraordinary

7 months ago

The world is full of interesting and captivating things. If you stay observant while surfing Internet, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll discover something new or extraordinary every day. Explore this collection of photos featuring cool and unusual sightings that people have come across and wanted to share.

My newborn son has completely different shaped ears.

My hands under a UV light.

The effects of Himalayan sea salt on a book.

The bright red interior of this broken branch.

My cat has double canines, a condition known as retained deciduous teeth.

This flash drive has a micro USB inside the USB port.

So my cat fell asleep...or broke down.

I found a drawer with a mirror inside.

Breast cancer survivor parking.

Switzerland uses hand motives for its banknotes.

Just saw this Roomba on top of a Norwegian mall door.

My fiancés car looks like a ps1 game cause of the frost.

My coffee looks like an alternate world map.

Hospital steps are numbered.

These feet windows near my house.

Strange pattern on a stepping stone outside my shed. Looks like electricity.

This yam I’m eating is half purple and half white.

Clover grown into a snail shell.

My future son looks like a South Park character.

Our fridge came with a description of the noises it might make.

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Preview photo credit DevelopmentNo9622/reddit


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