20 Pics That Will Spark Your Curiosity to Find Out What’s Going on There

2 years ago

Our world seems to have no lack of imagination — a cat looking like an angel in the sky and a woman that looks like a 2D advertisement are just a couple of examples of ’What? Wow!’ photos people have shared. These curiosities seem to be all around us, but only those who stay on their toes notice these glitches in the matrix.

We at Bright Side decided to search for photos of curious things people have shared online, and now we know for sure that the world is sometimes too crazy for us to understand everything that’s going on.

1. “The man sitting in front of me on the train is using a Twix as a pillow.”

2. That must be the coolest way to travel.

3. “There is just so much wrong here.”

4. “My mom once popped outside the theater and I couldn’t tell which one she was.”

5. “Taste (one color of) the Rainbow.”

6. Can you guess why there are so many stairs?

“Looks like it used to be a spiral staircase that was removed to make way for a standard staircase. The bottom portion against the wall was probably left due to laziness or as a neat artifact. ”
the_***man / reddit

7. We always knew cats are heaven-sent.

8. “My friend’s denim jeans are so thick they can stand up on their own.”

9. “In the corner of my school’s IT room”

10. “Woke up scared stiff last night when I noticed a Victorian ghost floating at the end of my bed. Took me a few minutes to realize it was my clothes on the door.”

11. “Whoa, that’s gonna start a rumble.”

12. Advertisement, or hidden planet destruction plan?

13. “I asked my kids to take some books upstairs. This is my bedroom door.”

14. “How I woke up to my mom’s dog”

15. Look twice, there are no eyes on this photo.

16. The reflection of the lamp on the sunglasses.

17. We would never have believed it unless it was captured in a photo.

18. New horror movie? No, just a mosquito flying in front of the lens.

19. This ice cream is eating... what?

20. “I posed in front of a blank bus stop ad. It ended up looking real.”

Have you ever seen such interesting things that you had to look at them twice to make sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you?

Preview photo credit star_man_u / reddit


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