20 Pictures That Can Make You Feel Like You Need to Question Reality Even Further

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At one time, the Loch Ness Monster was a very popular phenomenon. But that’s not the only optical illusion that could make people believe in truly unbelievable things. Literally, anything can distort the shape and size of objects, tricking our eyes and leaving the rest to our vivid imagination.

1. “A giant giraffe”

2. This dog has funny cat ears.

3. Interesting how he does this trick.


4. A giant doggo in Brighton, UK

5. “The ring light looks like a halo above his head.”

6. “The shape of the windows on the London Underground”

7. This spider has a very curious shadow.

8. “The shadow lined up with the dog.”

9. “My poor choice of dinner attire”

10. “Fe fi fo fum...”

11. Unidentified floating goat

12. “She may need a screwdriver.”

13. “Levitating couch — free”

14. A giant woman or just some high heels?

15. “A giant spider on a car”

16. “The reflection of the TV made her sit in the car outside.”

17. “My friend looks like a giant.”

18. “Baby drinks coffee.”

19. “Conjoined cats”

20. Some squirrels can outstand real beavers.

Have you ever seen an optical illusion with your own eyes? Have you been lucky enough to create one by a mere change in perspective?

Preview photo credit BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM/EAST NEWS, mongonzaga / Reddit


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