20 Pictures That Portray Emotions Better Than Any Poet

3 years ago

Adopting a pet, having a successful surgery, meeting your baby daughter or son for the first time — these are all the tidbits that are forever imprinted in our memories. These people decided to capture the moment and let us in on their most emotional experiences.

We at Bright Side found these beautiful snapshots that we would like to share with you and make your day better!

1. “Abaddons last day as a stray.”

2. ’’This cat is waiting for adoption at my local humane society."

3. “My 3-year-old daughter walking out of the hospital after 24 hours of chemo”

4. “My mom is giving me one of her kidneys tomorrow. Best mom ever!”

5. “My father meeting his first grandson.”

6. This looks like the coziest taxi ride :)

7. “My grandmother, 85, recently finished this Chinese-style painting.”

8. “The moment I knew I had to adopt him”

9. “My grandpa when he turned 100, look at his birthday cards!”

10. “A picture of my cat and I, 12 years apart.”

11. “My daughter has recently started smiling... This is how I get to start my day.”

12. “How to convince an airline captain to let you wear his hat and allow you to sit in his seat: 1) Be his son. 2) Surprise him by flying across the country to board the last flight of his career.”

13. “My son smelling bacon for the first time.”

14. “It’s been 16 months since my grandmother’s last radiation treatment to cure her breast cancer.”

15. “My grandparents adopted a kitten and they sent me this pic in the mail.”

16. “One of the happiest moments in my life”

17. “She has a lucky sock. Very necessary when monitoring the bird situation.”

18. “My son Lucas, 1-month post cleft lip and palate surgery”

19. “I see your shoulder cat and offer my shoulder dog for consideration.”

20. “Been away from home for the past 10 days. I received a text message from my 12-year-old daughter saying ’Dad, look out your window!’”

Which picture impressed you the most? What is the most emotional moment you’ve ever captured?

Preview photo credit bubblegumprincesss/reddit


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that's literally my face too every time I see and smell bacon 😏


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