20 profound quotations from Narnia author Clive Lewis

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Writer, poet, master of philology and theologian C. S. Lewis gave the world his famous fantasy country of Narnia, where both adults and children have long dreamed of visiting. His books are a real journey into the depths of the human soul, and it’s almost impossible to remain the same person as you were before you read them once you’ve been drawn in.

We picked out 20 profound quotes from Lewis which have a deeper meaning than appears at first glance. These really made us stop and think.

  1. Everybody gets what he wants. But not everybody is ultimately glad at what they receive.
  2. I wrote the book which I wanted to read myself. Nobody else had written it, so I had to.
  3. Sometimes, it’s good to lose everything you have, in order to understand what it is that you really need.
  4. The future is that which we meet at the speed of 60 minutes an hour.
  5. The main enemy of love is indifference, not hate.
  6. Who you are and how you look at things determines what you’ll see and hear.
  7. When you’re scared, the best thing you can do is turn to face danger, so long as feel something warm and firm behind you.
  8. Some day, you’ll be old enough to start reading fairytales again.
  9. A book for children which only children like is a bad book. Good things are good for everyone. A waltz which brings joy only to dancers is a bad waltz.
  10. To conquer evil in the world, each of us must overcome it within ourselves.
  11. The thirst to possess the person whom you can’t give anything to can wear you down.
  12. Loving people sometimes have to hurt the ones they love.
  13. Don’t answer back to those who are weaker than you. But do as you wish with those who are stronger than you.
  14. If you think that you don’t suffer from the sin of pride, it means that you’re really suffering from it.
  15. In the soul as well as in the soil, it’s not the most beautiful flowers which extend the deepest roots.
  16. Once you wake up your memory, it turns into a powerful despot.
  17. Those who reach maturity are always kind to the young; even the busiest among them are always ready to devote their time to others.
  18. Crying feels good while you do it, but sooner or later your tears will end and then you’ll have to decide what to do.
  19. Don’t waste your time trying to understand whether you love someone or not. Act as if you are sure that you do.
  20. You have no soul. You are the soul. You simply have a body.


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