20+ Proofs That Huskies Are the Best Guys in the World

3 years ago

Animals are incredibly cute and funny creatures, and they often remind us of ourselves. But Huskies are the champions at expressing emotions.

Bright Side collected photos of these wonderful animals that don't need any words to explain how they feel.

"Actually, I haven't had breakfast yet, so why are you still in bed?"

That sweet moment when you turn your front camera on and realize that you are perfect.

"Please, don't go! Take me with you!"

"Oh my goodness! It's so good!"

And this is so boring!

"You're late!"

"You know, beauty is very subjective... The wind is cool, though."

"Stop the car! I feel sick!"

"Don't say a word to anyone! Got it?"

"Do you have something else apart from vegetables?"

"Leave me alone! I want to sleep!"

"I swear to God, I'll get you!"

Spa procedures Husky-style

And a bath for their feet!

How about some exercise in the fresh air?

"Hey, pal, are you OK?"

"Make me look mysterious."

"Do I look intriguing now?"

Don't even try to come close to his kids.

"Are we there yet?"

"Come on! Let me try it!"

When you had a new haircut and you're not satisfied with the result:

When you hate selfies:

You really do hate them.

And you don't really like camping.

What you do like is sleeping.

"Is it Monday already?"

"When did the snow appear?"

"I hope you are not looking at cat pictures."

When you are doing your best to make a smile:

"Hey, easy! We just met each other!"

This is what happiness looks like:

Escape attempt: 10% complete

"I'll miss you!"

Do you agree that Huskies are the best dogs ever? Or do you have a different opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit Husky Anuko, maruhusky / instagram


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