20 Rat Pics That Will Make You Squeal With Their Cuteness

3 years ago

Remy from Ratatouille is not the only example of a rat who is funny and super-cute. Just take a look at the photos of these long-tailed creatures that their owners have posted all over the internet, and you’ll definitely want one yourself.

We at Bright Side are sure that rats are very smart and beautiful animals, and here are 20 pictures to prove it.

20. “I’ve been lying like this for 30 minutes because I don’t want to wake him up.”

19. Here’s Porcini, actual proof that rats can be cute too.

18. This little guy is really excited for the Year of the Rat.

17. Rat love

16. Yin and Yang

15. “Good morning, human!”

14. “He heard me getting the treats.”

13. “You’re making breakfast for both of us, right?”

12. Sleeping beauty

11. This is Eddie the Rat, he’s rather photogenic at times.

10. “Bert has started napping like this. My heart!”

9. This rat loves its pasta!

8. Being a rat is tiring work.

7. Oy loves to smell the summer rain.

6. Wouldn’t you like to pet this little head?

5. Chickpea thinks that you are cute!

4. These little feet...

3. A handful of happiness

2. “Look at my tiny house!”

1. Somebody ate too much cheese...

Don’t you want to have a rat after reading this article? Or maybe you already have one? If so, please share their cute photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit gromt / pikabu


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rats are actually the cutest! I had an albino rat some years ago, and this is the most intelligent and loving animal I have ever had


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