20+ Shots That Prove Winter’s Eventually Going to Sneak Into Everyone’s Lives

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Unless you live in the tropics, winter can be quite the ordeal. With all that ice and snow, you sometimes have to remind yourself that you didn’t actually move to Antarctica. But one of the best ways to get ready for all that cold, beyond stocking up on blankets, is to have a sense of humor about it.

1. You get the most interesting neighbors in the Arctic.

2. Look who’s a shoo-in to be the next Jack Frost!

3. “Lunch in Chicago today — I like mine al dente.”

4. As long as things stay cold, you might not even need a new toilet.

5. This car looks like it’s ready for some speed.

6. “A frozen geyser in western NY”

7. You wouldn’t think snow delivery would be big in winter, but here you go...

8. “A balloon popped and left its ice shell during the winter storm, Nika.”

9. “Just a frozen volcano crater lake that I came across.”

10. Somehow, a penny managed to get frozen while in mid-air...

11. “Drove by this the other day...they must have sprayed it with a hose.”

12. “The frozen shore of Lake Superior”

13. “In Colorado, snow during the month of May can lead to some weird things.”

14. The lines in the snow turn this parking lot into a work of art.

15. Welcome to Canada...where an apartment can turn into an igloo overnight.

16. And you wonder why people like to work from home...

17. That awkward moment when even cats get shocked by the weather

18. Maybe the tree just wanted highlights?

19. Whoever said bubbles don’t last forever clearly didn’t think about freezing them...

20. Inches of snow aren’t going to stop these sheep.

21. Here’s to happy —and colorful — winter holidays!

Do you have any funny situations to share from past winters? Please share them with us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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