20 Situations That Are Not Fit for Perfectionists

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We can feel annoyed by a variety of things, but some situations might seem absurd to most of us, and if not, at least a bit uncomfortable. However, instead of having a hard time, it is worth taking things with a bit of humor and capturing the moment in a photograph, as these internet users did.

1. It’s still good!

2. This could be considered abstract art.

3. The planter should have been in the center, but someone decided to be creative.

4. “Told my wife that my cat doesn’t need expensive toys. Cat proves my point.”

5. Quality control went on vacation.

6. Who needs fences when you have imagination?

7. “When you try to take a bath with hippos lurking.”

8. I heard nature is relaxing, so I decided to incorporate the experience of rain inside the car.

9. “Printed the notepad, boss”

10. When it really doesn’t matter where you’re going

11. Close the door to keep pets from getting out!

12. “All drains in my school are above floor level.”

13. Perhaps it’s a marketing strategy.

14. When finding a room is actually a challenge to logic

15. “Hard to explain”

16. “Who’s this fence stopping?”

17. “So glad my power and internet lines could stop this tree from falling and hurting itself.”

18. This sink does foot and floor cleaning, all at the same time!

19. Who needs the luxurious double-sheet toilet paper when they’re staying at a $450-a-night hotel?

20. “Hotel room light switch hidden behind pillows, so you wake up inexplicably in the middle of the night.”

What everyday things that are normal for others can put you in a bad mood? What do you do to relax after a hard day?

Preview photo credit bradyso / Reddit


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