20 Smart Designs Every City Needs to Have ASAP

3 years ago

Making plans and bringing them to life is every designer’s goal. Whether it’s about helping the Earth and fighting pollution or making traffic more bearable, every town needs things that will make every day more practical.

Bright Side has collected some of the most innovative plans and objects that you’d probably love to see wherever you live.

1. Composter for dog poop

2. LED traffic lights, so that no one will be able to miss the signal

3. Bicycle escalator, to help cyclists go up steep hills

4. Trash can with bottle rack

5. This design for easily accessible priority seats in Scotland

6. Benches that can turn into tables

7. A ramp, so that ducks can get into the water easily

8. “The Green Man Plus” — Gives seniors and handicapped people a longer time to cross the road by just tapping a card.

9. A wheelchair access mat at the beach

10. Bike ramps, to help you climb up the stairs without having to lift your bike

11. A button on a crosswalk to signal the bus to wait for you

12. A stand for bikers to hold on to while waiting for traffic lights

13. Speeding ticket robot

14. Help when walking with high heels on metal grate

15. Bench with instructions for exercises you can do on it

16. “A water fountain that tells you how many bottles you have saved by using it”

17. “Women only parking spaces, Germany”

18. Foot-operated hand sanitizer on the streets

19. A pay phone booth converted into a defibrillator station

20. A tiny water fountain for dogs

Is there a design in your city that you think should be implemented everywhere? Maybe you have your own idea for making things more practical?

Preview photo credit Olo-Meister / reddit


I wonder how that bike escalator works seems pretty handy
Oh man I really want the world to re invent traffic lights, some of them are impossible to see with the sun or whenever I go a little too close and the angle is just terrible

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