20+ Smart People Who Know How to Use Every Inch of Their Homes

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3 years ago

Even the neatest homes can be overloaded with various items. Sometimes the area of our home isn’t even big enough for the most necessary things. And it’s definitely not good to have to throw away important items simply because you don’t have enough space for them.

At Bright Side, we looked through the posts of different Internet users and took note of some good space-saving ideas.

“I saw a bathtub storage tip and thought I’d show you mine. Just a shower curtain rod, curtain rings, and plastic shower baskets!”

“A closet hideout for my daughter”

“Put a lazy Susan in your fridge to make accessing stuff in the back quicker and easier.”

“A nice sleeping place for our dog!”

In a small bedroom where there’s no space for a closet, you can place a lot of stuff under the bed.

“If you have a small bathroom with limited shelving, buy 2 shower curtain rods that create more room for your needs. This is great to use in the laundry room too!”

“Keep your bulky cleaning items off the floor and out of a closet using command hooks — these are easily accessed via my small laundry room but are out of the way!”

“My girlfriend hated how the knives always just sat in a pile, so I fit them in a smaller space. I’m not usually organized, so I’m very proud.”

“I got tired of my hair things being strung about all over the house. Now everything is together in one place.”

“My husband built me this beautiful wall to hold all my spices and blends. Before, they were in various containers in a cupboard. It brings me such joy!”

“I finally figured out a way to store these. I used a hot glue gun and chip clips.”

“I used kitchen towel holders to organize hangers.”

“My back-of-door installation under the kitchen sink”

“My dad, using every square inch of our small garage for his workshop, has a bunch of old jam jars with their lids screwed onto the ceiling for storage.”

“I struggled to find a working system for the spice shelf. I bought the bottles online and put 2 lines of velcro across the top. Then I cut velcro strips to put on top of the bottles. It’s super quick and easy to do!”

“My husband made it for me for Christmas. I love the accessibility of it and how it saves storage space — plus, it looks beautiful.”

“A Christmas gift of organization: a cute wall mount caddy for my hair tool, accessories, and products.”

“For those with an accessory addiction like myself, these mirror cabinets are a total game-changer. Organized chaos!”

“My son’s mom lives in a 1-bedroom apartment and asked if I could build a bed for when he spends the night with her that wouldn’t take up a lot of room in her small space. I’m really proud of how it came out.”

“I made this built-in computer desk to hide a duct.”

“Our home is small, and these have been on the small kitchen counter for a while. These tubes can be easily hung anywhere.”

“I’m a little proud of myself for using these bookshelves for my tiny bathroom organization!”

“Our bathroom is tiny. So I was initially thinking of a cart to wheel in, but even that would be too big for this cramped space. Instead, I bought a serving tray and organized my daily makeup products on it.”

“The tray lives on my dresser in the bedroom, and then I carry it 10 feet into the bathroom in the morning.”

Do you have any unusual organizing life hacks? Share them in the comments below.

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Wow some of these are really good ideas, I might consider them myself!


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