20 Sneaky People Who Ease Their Way Out of Life’s Annoying Situations

3 years ago

Disguising their candy or Netflix accounts, coming up with incredible chore hacks, or even tricking their cat with a custom-made laptop — some people know how to come up with a solution to anything. And their ideas seem so simple, yet so witty, that they made us wonder how didn’t we think of them too. Luckily, we can always learn from these folks.

Bright Side had a good laugh when we found these pictures of true genius problem-solvers. We want you to take a look at these guys and decide which one is the smartest!

1. “Perfect way to enjoy a treat without having to share.”

2. “Cat won’t leave you alone while working from home? Try a decoy laptop.”


4. “My kids complained about getting the heel of a bread loaf. I flipped it over with the end side down so they wouldn’t know.”

5. A big family sometimes means learning to find a way out of any situation.

6. “For better food coverage”

7. The laziest mom award has a winner!

8. “Here’s how I mow my lawn now.”

9. “No kids will be able to sneak and peek at their presents early.”

10. “When your child can’t wait for the fries to cool down, so you have to speed the process up.”

11. “My co-workers think that I’m a genius.”

12. “When you’re out to eat and your 2-year-old won’t sit still”

13. “My friend got tired of his kids losing the remotes.”

14. “The way my uncle taught me to dip Oreos in milk”

15. “Cutting your own hair? Set up a conference call between 2 screens so you can hit up the back and sides.”

16. “Something to help out the lazy and uninformed about the dishwasher.”

17. “How to turn a cheap stationary bike into a $2,000 Peloton”

18. Hiding your candy in a coffee cup while the kids clean up their toys also works!

19. “No mixer? No problem. Worked great.”

20. “I’m either dating a genius or a psychopath.”

Do you have your own original tricks that help you get through your day?

Preview photo credit TheRealMrsElle / reddit


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#17 is genius. And you can always watch your favorite series while working out :D


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