20 Terrific Shots From the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards That Cracked Us Up

5 years ago

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a great competition for lucky photographers and very camera-friendly animals. In this article, you will see the charismatic winners that made us smile.

We at Bright Side want to put you in a great mood and recommend looking through these photos any time you want to feel better.

20. “Tell me again, again!”

19. “You shall not pass!”

18. Perspective

17. The new Van Damme

16. “What are you doing here?”

15. My head!

14. Nom

13. Fresh breath is great for communication.

12. “That’s the way out!”

11. “Hello there!”

10. Most likely to be an album cover

9. “Good morning!”

8. “Wanna dance?”

7. “I can do this too.”

6. “Can we not talk about what happened yesterday...”

5. When you are a bird deep down:

4. “Sir, yes sir!”

3. “Hey!”

2. Is this some kind of military training?

1. “Not now!”

Maybe you have your own good ideas for captions for these photographs?

Preview photo credit MARY MCGOWAN, Maureen Toft


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This shy blue birdy melted my heart, aww :3
I enjoy watching animals' photos more, than people's photos. What about you guys?


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