20+ Things That Can Make Any Apartment Look Cheap

3 years ago

People have always wanted to live in a comfortable, beautiful place. But sometimes, expensive furniture and high-tech devices are not enough. It’s very important to quickly remove useless things and tasteless items from your home because even the things that seem unimportant can completely ruin the vibe of your place.

We at Bright Side always pay attention to the details many people don’t notice. And sometimes, these details make even the most stylish apartments and houses look messy and cheap.

1. Bed linens from different sets

According to studies, the color, pattern, and fabric of your bed linens can impact a person’s physical and emotional health. How can you get healthy sleep if you rest on something old and discolored? Additionally, bed linens from different sets look bad and cheap.

2. Magnets on fridges

Magnets look messy and they attract a lot of attention. But many people still can’t get rid of such a collection on their fridge. And it’s usually due to the emotions we feel when we see our “trophies” from our various trips and memories.

Alternatively, try finding a different spot for the magnets. For example, a big board with a beautiful frame could be nice. Also, learn to bring home more useful souvenirs from your trips (like dishes and clothes).

3. A satin cover on the bed

Bed covers can give away its owners’ taste. There are some exceptions, but candidly speaking, low-quality covers like these weren’t even trendy 20 years ago.

4. Old-fashioned bean bag chairs

In the 2000s, these things were extremely popular and could even be found in small apartments. But today, bean bag chairs are only used in summer cafes, terraces, and other creative spaces. Maybe you can use them in a baby’s room if you have enough space. But make sure the design is trendy and the chair is made of high-quality materials.

5. Lids from other pots and frying pans

Lids that are used with different pots attract attention. This looks even worse when the size doesn’t match: they’re either too small and fall on the food or they’re a bit too big, causing condensation to drip onto the oven. Even the best kitchen designs can look cheap with these seemingly unimportant details.

6. Covers on couches

This old-fashioned way of saving couches and armchairs will ruin any interior design. Get rid of this habit and never go back!

7. A rag at the door

Old rags or torn towels often serve as doormats. Such things ruin the impression of your place right off the bat. Buy a simple mat that’s easy to vacuum clean.

8. Dishes with dents and cracks

Dishes should be new. Don’t feel bad about getting rid of cups and plates that have tiny cracks or dents. Even if you’re not superstitious or scared of bacteria, be careful: there may come a time when a cracked cup of tea will break in your hands.

9. Decorative stones on the walls and near the doorways

There’s absolutely no need to turn your place into a medieval castle or a cave. A lot of people like using decorative stones in corners, arches, and doorways. But this only looks good in country houses.

10. Lots of soft toys on couches, beds, and shelves

A bunch of soft toys not only makes your place look messy, but it’s also a great way to collect dust mites.

11. Burned pots and pans

Even if you’re extremely careful, the bottoms of your pots may get burned. It’s important not to forget to remove these difficult stains.

12. Tumble dryers in the middle of the room

Not everyone has enough room for drying racks on their balconies but it doesn’t mean they should be in the middle of the room. Make sure you put away dry clothes and the dryer itself when you don’t need them.

13. Totally different flower pots

Different-looking pot holders (like a plastic cup for a cactus, a bucket for a palm tree, and a gnome-like pot) make the place look cluttered. If you can’t replace them, try decorating them yourself. You don’t need to spend a lot of money because the materials you need (fabrics and paint) are cheaper than new pots.

14. Burned oven gloves

Never neglect the condition of your oven gloves. The grease stains and burned holes don’t make apartments look very nice.

15. Old kitchen towels

Old, different-colored towels make the interior of your home look very cheap. It’s better to buy a set of identical towels that match the style of your kitchen.

16. Junk on the window sill

Window sills often act as additional shelves where a lot of different things get piled up, like books, toys, flowers, dishes, food, and more. Such window sills make the whole apartment look messy.

17. Cheap power outlets and switches

Many people think that these aren’t important details that don’t require a big investment. However, these are the kinds of details that create a certain mood. Trendy power outlets and switches instantly make the whole place seem elegant.

18. Wall calendars with different themes

Themed calendars are not always appropriate. A snowman in summer, a cute kitten in a business office, nude girls in living rooms, company logos in babies’ rooms — all of these examples are ridiculous. The only thing worse is a last year’s calendar still hanging on the wall.

19. Old dish drying racks

Dish drying racks are very hard to live without. But it’s better if the piles of plates, cups, and utensils aren’t visible to other people.

20. Mass market decor

The mass-market always targets large audiences which is why you should avoid it if you’re aiming for individuality. Furniture and decorative elements that are seen in almost every apartment become boring and these homes are anything but unique.

21. Pieces between the kitchen table and the wall

This thing that became popular at the beginning of the 2000s should be forgotten but it can still be found in many kitchens. However, the modern trend claims that there should be no space between the kitchen counters and the walls. The seam should be completely invisible.

What points from this article do you agree with and which ones are debatable?

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i have one more comment...ever since i moved away frm home and into my first apartment i have used hand-me-down towels. Some were as good as new, most were middling, a very few should've been torn up for rags. There was not one complete, matching set (as one would put out for company) but i had plenty to dry myelf, my hair, my hands and my dishes. I always said XWhen I'm rich, I'll get those yummy, fluffy, thick as carpet towels." I always thought if you had enough money that all of your towels were company ready, and you used those yourself, you were officially a grown adult, or you were set and living large. But when I've had the money to spend (big tax refunds, the occasional high dollar scratcher or lotto win) or I've been asked for a gift list at Christmas or my birthday, I never asked for towels. The ones I have are just fine and there are always other things that i would rather have. I can definitely find a better way to spend $20 or more, than on a bath towel.
Oh well. I guess I'm just common. I'm okay with that.


i will never toss ozt a perfectly good pot (or sheet set for that matter) simply because it no longer matches or i need to use a lid ( or pillowcase) in a different design. God save us from SNOBS and people who make so nuch money they get stupid. Or better yet, Lord, send them my way! They can throw some of their extra money at me, they'll take the pats on the back; I'll continue using my usable mismatches and use their money on a fun trip for my family! (Oh yeah-I have a Tacky Magnet Collection to commemorate my travels, and it isnt on my fridge, ONLY because we've just moved in and my Tackies are still in storage! )


I think the word 'cheap' wasn't a proper one. Like it feels like judging a person's lifestyle


Wait people actually put their carpets on their couches?? What for?


I think magnets on a fridge looks a bit odd, but there is a right way to do it.. like make them useful!


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