20 Things We Consider Heroic but Should Be Natural for Each of Us

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We can all make a positive impact on this world, one good deed at a time. Sometimes a heroic act means donating bone marrow or resuscitating a person, but other times it’s just cooking for a neighbor or adopting a sick cat. Performing acts of kindness can bring so much happiness, both for the giver and the receiver, and the people in this compilation surely know this to be true.

1. The waiter at this restaurant is helping a disabled person eat his meal.

2. “I donated bone marrow yesterday to a stranger!”

3. “For at least 13 years, rain or shine, this old man has spent every morning walking around our town picking up trash.”

4. This man is giving free haircuts to the homeless in Philadelphia.

5. Every Valentine’s Day, this gentleman takes all the widows from the retirement home to lunch at a restaurant and brings them gifts and roses.

6. “My mom crocheted and donated 45 blankets to sick children this year.”

7. This guy offered to hold and calm a couple’s crying baby so that they could enjoy their meal at a restaurant.

8. This is recovered food waste that will create almost 300 meals for the homeless instead of being thrown away.

9. “When my best friend died from leukemia, I was too young to help. Yesterday, I donated stem cells to a stranger with the same disease.”

10. “I missed my flight and was crying when these strangers came over and helped cheer me up. We chatted and played cards!”

11. Every year after Christmas, this guy buys all the remaining Santa hats and gives them to children’s hospitals for the next year.

12. This choir sings for patients in the palliative ward.

13. A woman shared on Reddit that she adopted a baby girl and another mom sent her all her daughter’s newborn clothes.

14. “I got a flat and was struggling to loosen the lug nuts. Then these guys came over and put my spare on.”

15. “My little brother started a charity where college kids can donate a meal from their meal plan to those in need.”

16. A coffee shop owner from Teheran made a bed for this stray cat inside the shop because he liked to stay there.

17. Here’s what a blood donation center looked like in El Paso after the police announced there was an urgent need for blood.

18. “A neighbor I’ve never even spoken to saw that I was home alone all day on Thanksgiving and brought me this.”

19. “The owner wanted to euthanize this cat due to kidney disease, so I adopted her. Her kidneys are better now, and she’s my best friend!”

20. This guy saved this man’s life by resuscitating him in the middle of the street.

What else can you do to bring joy to others? Have you ever had someone do a nice gesture for you when you least expected it? Please share your thoughts and stories with us in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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I can't believe this man has picked up trash for over 13 years! We all should learn something from him

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I always wanted to be a blood donor but I just could never do it


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