20 Times Animals Showed That They Wanted to Play by Their Own Rules

3 years ago

Animals, like humans, have personality types and traits, psychologists say. So it’s no wonder that sometimes they also want to show their character and opinions. Your dog may get jealous and demand attention or your cat may be too willful to stay home despite the closed door in their way.

We at Bright Side adore animals, even when they behave spoiled. And we’ve found 20 photos that show they also have their own spirited opinions and habits.

1. “The world is mine.”

2. “Never offer a potato chip to a seagull.”

3. Zero shame, zero rules, zero boundaries.

4. You can’t run away from love if it chooses you.

5. “Horus just found a nice spot to sleep.”

6. “A friend got a dollhouse for the kids. The cats immediately took it over and moved in!”

7. “Stay away. I’m an introvert.”

8. “This is the second plant my son Toby has maliciously killed.”

9. “When breakfast is at 7:00 a.m. but it’s 7:02 a.m. and you still haven’t been fed...”

10. “I didn‘t let my cat go outside for a day so he just broke the cat door.”

11. “My brother’s dog doesn’t want to take a bath.”

12. “We need to talk, human.”

13. “Alfie likes to have a caffeine manicure in the mornings.”

14. “Opposoms don’t share food!”

15. This cat has its own style.

16. “She’s not allowed on the table. Technically, she isn’t breaking the rules.”

17. “Pumpkin hates a windy beach.”

18. The seagull also left a “present” behind.

19. “Your work means nothing!”

20. “There should be only one leader here.”

What habit does your pet have? Please share pictures of your pets with us!

Preview photo credit letwettuce / reddit


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