20+ Times Business Owners Found a Way to Appease Their Customers

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Everyone has been a customer. And everyone knows that bad service can ruin your whole day. That’s why some companies try their best to make their customers feel better. And the Internet users shared some curious examples of those attempts.

“This storefront uses tinted sheets of plastic to show you what the jacket would look like in different colors.”

“My local grocery store offers a free healthy snack for kids while their parents shop.”

“I went to a puzzle factory and they had a wall of shame.”

  • It was all the animals (mostly dogs and one fish?) who’ve eaten and/or maimed a puzzle piece. Folks have to send in a picture of the animal as payment for receiving replacement pieces in return. © hybridginger / Reddit

“This underwear has a pocket for your phone.”

  • I just bought this ridiculous underwear for my husband. He doesn’t hike in his underwear, but he wears only boxers in the house, nothing else, all year long. © panicnarwhal / Reddit
  • I first saw them in India, where I believe they are targeted to men who wear lungis (essentially a male sarong). This pocket is not just for your phone. For anything. I snatched them up not just for wearing lungis, but to travel with my important stuff safely in my underwear pockets where I couldn’t lose them or have them stolen. © ventodivino / Reddit

“My local cafe uses old milk containers for cup holders.”

  • The first time I saw this, I thought it was a neat idea. It took me like.... 30 seconds of trying to rinse the container out to realize it’s a terrible idea. Doesn’t hold cups well, doesn’t get recycled, is wet or smells of milk alternatives. © relfy0318 / Reddit

This magic button is common thing in Japan.

“This hotel makes towel hippo pigdogs for guests.”

“The local flower shop sells Apple Bouquets.”

“This store sells Brussel sprouts still on their stalks.”

“The menu at Starbucks in Turkey is the same, except you can also get Turkish Coffee, and this one provides Turkish Delight free.”

“The hotel we’re in provides companion fish for guests.”

“This ice cream shop’s bathroom have free tampons, pads and diapers for their clients.”

“Free water and chocolate to passengers when trains are canceled, and you have to take the bus instead (Denmark).”

“In China, they have ‘women only’ parking spaces that are made bigger.”

“Local bookshop sells mystery books. The wrapping describes the themes only.”

“My hotel in Switzerland has different plug sockets for guests from different parts of the world.”

“A restaurant I went to has hard hats available for outdoor seating.”

  • As someone with a big and very productive oak tree and population of malicious squirrels, I can appreciate this. © aga0013 / Reddit

“This restaurant has a giant pile of fortune cookies for customers, by the door.”

“Barbershop in Leon Nicaragua where customers play video games while waiting for their haircut”

“This Japanese restaurant has mouth wash for customers.”

“This hotel puts guitars in its rooms for guests to play.”

And here is an article about some happy customers who were really impressed with the service they got.

Preview photo credit Cdog1223 / Reddit


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