20 Times Celebrity Women Ditched Fashion Gender Norms by Stepping Out in “Male” Suits

10 months ago

From Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn to Pink and Rihanna, celebrity women have been borrowing outfits from men’s wardrobes for many years. Jackets and pants, tuxedos, 3-piece suits with waistcoats, bow ties, and even bowler hats — these talented women know how to make typically-male clothing a part of their own wardrobes, and they wear them with style and taste. Some female stars like this game so much, they’ve tried on “male” looks more than once.

We at Bright Side selected 20 photos that show famous women who traded their skirts and dresses for jackets, pants, and ties, and rocked their menswear looks.

1. Marlene Dietrich is wearing a pantsuit with a turtleneck sweater and a beret (1933).

2. Katharine Hepburn looks confident and relaxed in her oversized pantsuit (1948).

3. Julia Roberts made headlines when she stepped out in this oversized grey suit with a flower print tie at the Golden Globe Awards (1990).

4. The actress put on a menswear-inspired outfit for the Golden Globe Awards again the following year. This time, it was a striped suit with a jacket and skirt (1991).

5. Julia Roberts donned “male” suits many times. Here she is, wearing a black pantsuit with a black blouse at a red carpet event (2009).

6. Finally, let’s recall one more menswear look from Roberts. She posed for photographers at the 69th International Film Festival in Cannes, France, wearing a pinstripe jumpsuit and a white shirt (2016).

7. Winona Ryder was also pictured dressed in a pantsuit at a film premiere (1991).

8. Princess Diana favored suits too. In the picture below, she’s wearing a green waistcoat, a black suit, and a bow tie (1988).

9. And here, the Princess of Wales is pictured wearing a black suit with golden elephants on her tie and on her jacket sleeves (1994).

10. Diane Keaton attended an Academy Award ceremony dressed in a black frock jacket, striped pants, and a striped waistcoat. The actress livened up her look with a polka-dot tie, a bowler hat, gloves, and pointed shoes (2004).

11. Here’s another suit look from Keaton. The actress is dressed in a tuxedo suit with a bow tie (2005).

12. Rihanna posed at the Met Gala red carpet in a black tuxedo with dramatic voluminous shoulders (2009).

13. Here’s another black suit, this time, worn by Madonna. The singer made her outfit even more “manly” with the help of a hat and cane (2014).

14. Angelina Jolie put on this skinny, fitted black suit and a white shirt for the EE British Academy Film Awards. An undone bow tie spiced up her look (2014).

15. Emma Watson appeared at an event wearing a black pantsuit with a thin belt on her waist (2014).

16. Pink stunned the public when she wore a 3-piece suit with wide-leg pants (2017).

17. Blake Lively appeared at a film premiere wearing a pink 3-piece suit and a blouse bearing a matching hue (2018).

18. Nicole Kidman stole the show when she wore a camel-colored jacket and a waistcoat of the same color, combined with a blue shirt, a black tie, and black pants (2020).

19. Janelle Monáe rocked her 3-piece striped suit. She also wore a hat along with stylish round glasses (2020).

20. And here, we see Monáe showing off her bright orange oversized jacket with high leather boots to match (2020).

Which of these famous women wore their suits best, in your opinion? What do you think of gender norms in fashion? Tell us in the comments!

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